A Step by Step Guide Inside Wensha

To get us familiar on how things go through inside Wensha, I’ve listed a step by step guide of activities that can happen, once inside this famous spa.

Select the services that fit you. Choose from facial cares, body cares, foot cares,  hair waxing and/or their famous massage.


Pay the services that you availed at the cashier. An electronic key will be issued to you upon settlement.


Change your shoes. Kuya will be ready to assist you, don’t worry. He will give you slippers that will be used inside the spa area.

The Locker. It may help to bring with you your personal care / kikay kit then keep them inside the locker. You’ll be needing that after you pampered yourself.

Make sure you don’t have any jewelries on you, as well.


The Wrap. A pair of robes, shorts and towel will be provided.

The Inside. Please note that once you’re inside the spa, picture taking is no longer allowed.

Shower. To rinse off everything you applied on your skin and to maximize the effect of the steam and/or the sauna bath.

Bathe. Either you get a 10-15 minutes sauna bath or get a10-15 minutes steam bath. How do they differ?

Based in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a sauna is

“1. : a Finnish steam bath in which the steam is provided by water thrown on hot stones; also
: a bathhouse or room used for such a bath.
2. : a dry heat bath dry”

While steam bath in Oxford dictinonary is defined as

a room that is filled with hot steam for the purpose of cleaning and refreshing the body and for relaxation“.

In short,  it’s a dry heat bath in sauna and a more humid bath in steam room. Though, temperature in sauna is higher,  both, provide same benefits. So, if you’re not comfortable in sauna, you can opt to do otherwise. A pan filled with ice, which may be requested, may help you cool down a bit.

Soak. A soak in a cold jacuzzi whirlpool can cool you down rapidly. But that may shock your body as there has been no gradual transition from high temperature down to lower temperature. An alternative and more gentle way, instead, is to soak yourself in a warm jacuzzi pool. A way to further wash out stresses.

Extra Service. You may opt to have a body wash, that will cost you another Php220. They say it’s a simpler version of body scrubbing as it will remove your dead skin, as well, only that no special scrubbing ingredient is needed but just a regular scrub.

Rinse. Take a quick shower to rinse off all the wastes that came out of your body then off to go for a rest. Savor your lighter feel body.

Relax. Eat. But be warned, eat at your own risk. Ahaha.

Hydrate. Relax. Hydrate more.

Body Massage. Get yourself stretched and experience the Wensha technique. Taking nap afterwards is ok. Make sure to watch your time of stay at maximum of 8 hours.

More pampering for a more relax you.

Lastly, eat pa more. 🙂


The average package cost is Php830. If you opt to give tip, you will need to specify it in the slip, for each of the services you availed. Know more about Wensha and be stress free for a day.

Exposing too much is dangerous to your health. Ahaha.
This is not for a fainted heart. Not for a sensitive person nor for a conservative like me. Ahaha (kidding!).



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