Movie Date Vol. 38: Incredibles 2

June 26, 2018

It was Sunday. My kids received complimentary movie tickets for the four of us. They were excited. They wanted to watch the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie. Unfortunately, I was sick. We didn’t get to watch it that day. Daddy had a little talk with the kids. They agreed to watch it on Monday, instead. But, yet, we didn’t make it again, the schedule was already late for the kids.

Tuesday. I was on leave. I asked my daughter, where’s the tickets. She was blank. She walked out of the room. When she got back, she had the saddest face ever. While extending her hand to me, she said “Mommy, I’m sorry. I messed up the tickets.”. When I looked at her hand, those were crumpled tickets, washed out. She left it in her skirt and it was already in the washer. Oh, I felt her. She’s sorry, she didn’t say anything. She just sit, thinking.

In the end, I decided to just go. Go out on a mommy-daughter date. But, we ended up watching The Incredibles 2.


Movie Date Vol. 37: Deadpool 2

May 16, 2018

This one’s a truly hilarious movie! This is what you might need if you still feel the pain brought about by the Avengers Infinity Wars movie. From being comedic to its movie soundtrack, it hadn’t disappointed. Wade Wilson humor was really there. I found myself laughing even if I’m quite sleepy. And you will still have to laugh at the end. See it!

Movie Date Vol. 36: Avengers Infinity War

May 04, 2018

More than a week after its premiere, the hype is almost over. Cinema was no longer crowded. We were less than 20 when we watched it.

For the past few days, I tried not to watch nor read anything related about Avengers. I wasn’t a fan. Just like what I always said, I’m just an ordinary movie-goer. I saw it then as if nothing happened because I easily forgot. But prior watching a movie, I preferred not to know anything about a movie. I appreciated it more if I will discover the story while watching.

With Avengers, I managed to not knew anything and it was good. The feeling of sadness because of the lost of too many main characters was fresh. I didn’t have any idea who’ll never make it nor who’ll survive. That’s what I liked.

About the story, I was quite lost. I’ll have to do a little digging to know what happened from the past. But, cinematically and visual-wise, movie creators have progressed so much, there was no way they can’t impressed us with their effects. I loved the battle in Wakanda. What else? The battle with Thanos in Titan. Hmmm… in Knowhere, in Scotland. Just every battle scenes, I think, were quite awesome.

I will be looking forward for more intense battles on the next instalment of the movie. For now, let’s all wish we do not get disintegrated while we wait.

Cashback thru Snapcart

Are you always in a supermarket with your unending list of grocery items? Do you frequently shop for your household needs? Do you go to convenience stores? I know most of us do.

Foods. Medicines. Kitchen needs. Toilet and Bathroom needs. We have to get the basics. And when we did, we might be issued with receipt, right? Well, did you know that you can get cashback by just capturing photos of your grocery receipts? It’s not much but doing it regularly can give you a little extra amount. If you want to try, download the Snapcart app. Just to clarify, I am not connected to Snapcart or anything, I just want to share something that you might find interesting, too.


  1. Go to PlayStore or AppStore to download the Snapcart application.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Log-in.
  4. Get your receipt. Press Snap button, to take photos of it, part by part. Just make sure that it is readable, and complete, no missing part. There are guides for taking photos. If it’s blur, re-take that part.
  5. Click Finish to upload. The app will prompt you who did the purchase, choose the member of the family who made the purchase and voila, it is finished.
  6. Wait for the confirmation if the receipt will be accepted. Most of the time, they will reply within a day or two.
  7. Accumulate your receipt. The more the better. Though, limit it up to three uploads per day. Keep your other receipts for the next day, if ever. However, make sure to snap it within 3 days of your purchase ‘cause it will no longer valid after that date.
  8. It’s better to snap weekly to increase your rank. Higher ranking means higher multiplier for cashback.
  9. Read their guidelines for further details.

As I’ve said, this is not much but if you always have receipts, why not try the app and snap regularly. You won’t notice, you’ve already accumulated enough to buy your favorite drink or use it to buy more items. Cash out can be made thru bank.

Try it! It’s not that hard.

Enjoy snapping!

Big Bad Wolf in Manila

For the first time in Big Bad Wolf days, it had howled in Manila. Prior visiting Manila, Big Bad Wolf had been frequently traveling to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and to where it had originated, in Malaysia. It was more of an advocacy to make people get interested in books, to let and keep them experience the joy of reading and most especially to let readers enjoy it in a more affordable price. The event started on Feb 16, 2018 and had lasted until Feb 25, 2018.

We weren’t able to visit on the first day it had opened. It was the 7th night. I was sure I had already missed some good titles. Nevertheless, I still wanted to go. I wanted to check how great collections they had brought.

These were all the readers who have swarmed the place. I admitted, it was quite difficult to browse the books. Maybe because I didn’t have any specific book to buy. I was just hoping I’d get anything that could be interesting.

As much as the organisers wanted to put everything in order, it cannot be prevented. They wished readers could return back the book to its place should they no longer want it. However , probably, the place was too big, the reader might already forgot where’d he got it in the first place. He had no choice but to leave it as is. Good thing, they had provided a sorting area, all unwanted books were left there. You can also browse from there.

There were a lot of collections for kids. Like, really a lot. Story books, activity books, board books, picture books and pop-ups. Name it and they had it. It was very overwhelming. I wish I could get more. But, I knew I can only get a few. I had to control myself. I cannot go over budget. Hihi.

We had no problem in paying. There were a lot of counters available for payment. We didn’t need to go through long queue.

After hours of browsing, these are the copies that I’ve got. I am happy so as my kids. We love them.

The experience was great. This is one of the best things I like to do, just walk around a bookstore and check anything and everything inside, as long as my husband can wait. Hehe. My time is up once he gets tired already. So husband, please be patient.

Enjoy reading!