My 2015 PBA Governor’s Cup Experience

It’s the PBA Governor’s Cup semi finals season, once again. And as a fan, you wouldn’t want more than to watch the game live at the venue. Especially, if the team you’re rooting for is one of the semis qualifiers. My husband will definitely want nothing but to experience it, as well. That’s why he never let this series past without watching the game. It”s the Game 2 of the Best-of-5 series between the Rain or Shine (ROS) Elasto Painters and the San Miguel Beermen (SMB) at The Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City last July 04, 2015.

Getting the tickets

We opted to buy the tickets online, which I preferred, as I think this is more convenient.

Ticket prices vary from Php0.00 to Php3,100.00, depending on the seat location and an additional of Php60.00 as online fee for every tickets purchased.


Timing is important because most of the time, your desired seat was already taken. It will help to google the seating chart first. However, despite a number of search results that popped out of my screens, I was not satisfied. Because, I didn’t find, particularly in the first page of the search result, someone who can testify that, indeed, I will be getting the best seat possible. With this, I’ll have to cross my fingers until I can personally confirm it.

After purchasing the tickets, the vouchers will be sent to you thru email. Don’t forget to print them, though. I’d plan to ask if soft copy in PDF file format will be okay but we were late that time, I didn’t get the chance to ask. Maybe, next time I’ll make sure to check on this.

Getting to the venue

Who else to be trusted other than Waze. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’d better make sure that your next search will be in Google Play or in App Store to get the application. It’s really helpful. It will navigate you thru, to the exact address, provide you the exact traffic condition, the exact accident location and the alternate routes with corresponding distance and time to get thru the place. Try it, it will not disappoint you.


As the event was not so much anticipated, finding a parking space was not difficult at all. You can roam around the area until you got your perfect choice. Anyways, given the venue, parking shouldn’t be an issue as it is designed to hold bigger events. You can search the best parking area for you here. Parking fee flat rate is at Php50.00. Cashiers can be found at all entry/exit points so you can pay at your most convenient time.

The Seat

And now, I’ve finally confirmed it. Seats at section 106, and the likes of sections 107, 112 and 113, are recommended for basketball viewing. These are more affordable choices compared with the other sections.

The Game

Eugene, my husband, usually wore the same shirt when he’s watching the game live at the venue. Thinking, it will give luck to the team he’s supporting. Yeah, coincidentally, that’s what always happened. Not just once, I’d say, the record was perfect.

In last Saturday’s game, he was happy. He was cheering. He was confident, as the SMB team, which we’re both rooting for, led for as high as 20 points. Then, the unexpected happened. Little by little the gap got smaller, until, eventually, the ball game was tied. What? What happened? Ok, let’s get to overtime, that’s what I thought. But, no, Jeff Chan of ROS threw a 3-pointer with a few seconds left and he got it through the basket. SMB still had a chance to shoot, though, but they’ll need a miracle to get it. End game? ROS won. Series was tied at 1 game a piece. We were shocked. We were disappointed. We were, what? LOST. How did it happen? It was really heart breaking. He swore, he will not watch SMB game in Araneta, again. It was our first PBA experience in Araneta, by the way, and yes, that was too painful for our first? Hihi.

I guess, the shirt never really helped at all. Ahaha.

Are you a PBA fan? Do you have heart breaking moments as well? Share your experiences with us.

Update: As of this writing, series was already 2-1, in favor of SMB, of course. Great job. But that was also nerve-cracking! 🙂

The San Miguel Beermen line-up. imageimageimageimageimageimageimage


imageimage The SMB coaching staff. imageimageimage The SMB plays.




The Rain or Shine Elasto Painters.





The Rain or Shine line-up. I’m so biased, I didn’t take the pictures of the other players. 🙂 imageimageimageimage


Until the next PBA live experiences.
Update: The SMB won the 2015 Governor’s Cup Finals sweeping the series at 4-0.



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