Odor Away Partner

I really wanted to find something like this, a deodorizer that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and that doesn’t smell too harsh. I really loved their tag, “eliminates odors at the source instead of masking them”. And, oh, the smell, it’s really good. Now, I am using this wherever possible. Yes, especially during that time in the comfort room. It’s so refreshing!

I’m glad I also tried their sanitizer. I think, it has hand softening effect. And, the Magnolia scent, I love it. It’s smell lasted longer than I expected. I’ll definitely get a new stock once I’ve finished this batch.


My Hair Rebonding Day

December 13, 2016

Finally, I found time to fix my hair.


Yes, that was me being spooky. I used a Metrodeal voucher to avail a discounted rate in Unica Hija Salon (works by Jimmy and Jimel). Though, I need to pull extra bucks for the light brown coloring and the iconic keratin treatment.

A Step by Step Guide Inside Wensha

To get us familiar on how things go through inside Wensha, I’ve listed a step by step guide of activities that can happen, once inside this famous spa.

Select the services that fit you. Choose from facial cares, body cares, foot cares,  hair waxing and/or their famous massage.


Pay the services that you availed at the cashier. An electronic key will be issued to you upon settlement.


Change your shoes. Kuya will be ready to assist you, don’t worry. He will give you slippers that will be used inside the spa area.

The Locker. It may help to bring with you your personal care / kikay kit then keep them inside the locker. You’ll be needing that after you pampered yourself.

Make sure you don’t have any jewelries on you, as well.


The Wrap. A pair of robes, shorts and towel will be provided.

The Inside. Please note that once you’re inside the spa, picture taking is no longer allowed.

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