Movie Date Vol. 35: Black Panther

Feb 16, 2018

As I have been always saying, I am just new to this Marvel world. I’m not used to stories of these greatest super heroes. And now, neither of the Black Panther’s. Anyways, I didn’t really care. It’s time to go out and de-stress. It was a busy week. The kids had already scheduled it, so we went.

I was deep in my thoughts. It was late for me to realise that the movie was already starting. What was I thinking? Huh? So, I wasn’t able to get the start of the story. I focused. I was trying to understand. I was serious. Then, they started breaking jokes. Oh, that’s the same way how they had attacked their other heroes’ story. Action-packed, that’s a given, and, inserting humour, which I liked.

For me, I have enjoyed the movie. It has a heart. I got a few notes, actually. Leadership is not just being strong. It is also not just for the strong. Leadership was not just being able to lead. It has to have compassion. It has to care. Alright? 🙂


Movie Date Vol. 34: Fifty Shades Freed

Feb 09, 2018

To complete the series, we went out to see the third and final chapter of the movie based on the novel written by E.L. James. I remembered, when I was reading the book I loved its last installment but it didn’t feel the same way in this movie. For me, it was good but it’s missing a piece.

Movie Date Vol. 33: Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

Jan 21, 2018

I was scared.

I’m not sure why this is my memory of the previous Jumanji movie. I traced back when it was first released. It was on 1995. Back then, I was already in my teen years. But, still, I was scared. I know. It is silly!

Then, there was this 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie. I went out to see this with the kids. I had no idea how this new movie will run but I was thinking, it could probably be the same way as before. So, it started. How come, I wasn’t scared. How come the kids were laughing about it. How come I was enjoying it. It was no longer a memory of anxiety but it is now replaced with cheerfulness. The previous one could have bolder and greater adventures but what they showcased now was already enough for me.

Haha. I am one scaredy human! Special thanks to our sister in church community for sharing us the tickets.

Movie Date Vol. 32: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Dec 13, 2017

I was with my husband and our kids when we watched this movie. I didn’t have clear memories of the whole Star Wars stories but my husband knew them quite well.For me it was a good movie.I liked that they put a little humor in it. However, for my husband, he didn’t like it that much. He was looking for more. It just didn’t meet his expectations. Gotta go home where Star Wars spirit was not that high. It was for him, anyways. As for me and the kids, we were happy we’re able to go out. ‘Till the next movie.

Movie Date Vol.31: Thor Ragnarok

October 29, 2017

This one’s really funny. It had so much humor I forgot I had expected it to be more of an action packed movie. Kids loved them, too. They were laughing out loud, as if they were watching their favorite Disney cartoon comedy show. And, yes! It’s still full of action. Great with his hammer but even greater without it. This ones definitely worth re-watching. Thumbs up!