Movie Date Vol. 38: Incredibles 2

June 26, 2018

It was Sunday. My kids received complimentary movie tickets for the four of us. They were excited. They wanted to watch the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie. Unfortunately, I was sick. We didn’t get to watch it that day. Daddy had a little talk with the kids. They agreed to watch it on Monday, instead. But, yet, we didn’t make it again, the schedule was already late for the kids.

Tuesday. I was on leave. I asked my daughter, where’s the tickets. She was blank. She walked out of the room. When she got back, she had the saddest face ever. While extending her hand to me, she said “Mommy, I’m sorry. I messed up the tickets.”. When I looked at her hand, those were crumpled tickets, washed out. She left it in her skirt and it was already in the washer. Oh, I felt her. She’s sorry, she didn’t say anything. She just sit, thinking.

In the end, I decided to just go. Go out on a mommy-daughter date. But, we ended up watching The Incredibles 2.


At The Streets of Makati: Señor Pollo

A new point was just added in my map, somewhere at the streets of Makati. A new place to experience the ‘Famous Latin Chicken’, here at Señor Pollo. A very simple place. My friends who had visited the place before said they already underwent renovations. Before, there was no air conditioning unit, it was an open place. When we visited, eating was more comfortable. There was already air conditioners and yellow plastic enclosure was being installed. It had really warm effects, by the way. It’ll, probably, create better effects at night ’cause during these Summer days, it wasn’t cool.

I ordered for a quarter chicken with 2 sides of tour choice. For me, they were fries and coleslaw. The foods were great. I really loved the new taste I’ve had, especially the pesto in oil dip or whatever it was called. The chicken itself was delicious. But, dipped into the pesto oil and touched with a little spice made it even better. I am starting to crave. Too bad, I am already bounding home. My craving has to wait until another time. Until then!

Live To Eat At All Day Supermarket

Living life can be as simple as it is. Live to eat. It doesn’t always necessarily mean something grand. It can be something or anything that will give you your stomach satisfaction.

I was glad when I learned that the ‘paluto’ concept is already being offered in All Day Supermarket. It is where you’ll buy the raw ingredients right inside the supermarket, choose the dish that you want, pay the extra charge for cooking then proceed to your table to wait for your foods to get ready. I was not used to this setup inside malls. Usually, it was in wet markets, not in supermarkets where I can buy any other things for the house. Now, I can get my groceries while they cook, in one place. A good factor for a mother who can think of a lot more chores she can do from the time she saved with these.

The pictures below showed the usual choices from the Fresh Section. They were no different with other mall supermarkets except they offer far more services for you. No time to cook, you have options here. Need to shop while you eat, try it here. It saves you time. It saves you work. Whoever taught of this idea, it was brilliant.

These were some of the foods we’ve tried. Don’t tell me you didn’t like them. If you’re not a fan of seafood, there’s a lot more items to check. Branches of All Day Supermarket are everywhere. Go ahead, check one.