Birthday Weekend At The Somerset Alabang

February has always been a dear month to us. Sadly, it had come by too fast. But, no matter how barely we’ve noticed it, we had to make sure it left us a mark. It was our eldest daughter’s birth month, aside from being it our anniversary month, too, when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend.

It fell at the weekend of 2018 CNY. It was very timely for our celebration. We, usually, opted for a staycation in occasion like this. Not only that the kids can enjoy their swimming but also, my husband and I can have a break from the house and from the office.

Alabang is a frequent choice. But where at?

And, so, we ended up at Somerset in Alabang.

The reception looked very cozy. I liked the design, as if I was inside the library, with matching stairs for the hard to reach areas. As if it’s real.

I liked the hotel’s minimalist look. And those lightings, they were quite unique.

The Studio Premier room had King-size bed. What’s good about it was it’s a little bigger and had couch. I preferred this, in case we wouldn’t want to share the bed to one of us. You know who’d be that lucky one. In cases like this, Husband is more considerate. He will not have a choice but to stand the cold at the couch. ‘Cause I don’t usually bring blankets when we stay out :). But, on our 2-night stay, it was good, we’re able to fit on the bed. Husband needed not to worry about sleeping at the couch.

It’s a residential type hotel. Aside from the usual hotel appliances, there were also kitchen stove, bread toaster, microwave oven and automatic washing machine including soap.

We’ve got a tub in the room but no specific shower area. My usual concern if this is the design, is I am 100% sure that the room would be soaking wet anytime the kids will be taking a bath. Oh, please include my husband in that contribution. I got stressed easily if that’s the case. ‘Cause I have to keep the floor dry, making sure that nobody’s going to slide anytime soon.

I always try to use the hotel complimentary toiletries. They usually have a nice scent so I loved to use them.

It was a great 2-day staycation to temporarily set aside any stressful thoughts. It was more of eat, swim and sleep. The kids had fun, too. It was all worth it.

What a beautiful scene to end the day!


Cashback thru Snapcart

Are you always in a supermarket with your unending list of grocery items? Do you frequently shop for your household needs? Do you go to convenience stores? I know most of us do.

Foods. Medicines. Kitchen needs. Toilet and Bathroom needs. We have to get the basics. And when we did, we might be issued with receipt, right? Well, did you know that you can get cashback by just capturing photos of your grocery receipts? It’s not much but doing it regularly can give you a little extra amount. If you want to try, download the Snapcart app. Just to clarify, I am not connected to Snapcart or anything, I just want to share something that you might find interesting, too.


  1. Go to PlayStore or AppStore to download the Snapcart application.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Log-in.
  4. Get your receipt. Press Snap button, to take photos of it, part by part. Just make sure that it is readable, and complete, no missing part. There are guides for taking photos. If it’s blur, re-take that part.
  5. Click Finish to upload. The app will prompt you who did the purchase, choose the member of the family who made the purchase and voila, it is finished.
  6. Wait for the confirmation if the receipt will be accepted. Most of the time, they will reply within a day or two.
  7. Accumulate your receipt. The more the better. Though, limit it up to three uploads per day. Keep your other receipts for the next day, if ever. However, make sure to snap it within 3 days of your purchase ‘cause it will no longer valid after that date.
  8. It’s better to snap weekly to increase your rank. Higher ranking means higher multiplier for cashback.
  9. Read their guidelines for further details.

As I’ve said, this is not much but if you always have receipts, why not try the app and snap regularly. You won’t notice, you’ve already accumulated enough to buy your favorite drink or use it to buy more items. Cash out can be made thru bank.

Try it! It’s not that hard.

Enjoy snapping!

Big Bad Wolf in Manila

For the first time in Big Bad Wolf days, it had howled in Manila. Prior visiting Manila, Big Bad Wolf had been frequently traveling to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and to where it had originated, in Malaysia. It was more of an advocacy to make people get interested in books, to let and keep them experience the joy of reading and most especially to let readers enjoy it in a more affordable price. The event started on Feb 16, 2018 and had lasted until Feb 25, 2018.

We weren’t able to visit on the first day it had opened. It was the 7th night. I was sure I had already missed some good titles. Nevertheless, I still wanted to go. I wanted to check how great collections they had brought.

These were all the readers who have swarmed the place. I admitted, it was quite difficult to browse the books. Maybe because I didn’t have any specific book to buy. I was just hoping I’d get anything that could be interesting.

As much as the organisers wanted to put everything in order, it cannot be prevented. They wished readers could return back the book to its place should they no longer want it. However , probably, the place was too big, the reader might already forgot where’d he got it in the first place. He had no choice but to leave it as is. Good thing, they had provided a sorting area, all unwanted books were left there. You can also browse from there.

There were a lot of collections for kids. Like, really a lot. Story books, activity books, board books, picture books and pop-ups. Name it and they had it. It was very overwhelming. I wish I could get more. But, I knew I can only get a few. I had to control myself. I cannot go over budget. Hihi.

We had no problem in paying. There were a lot of counters available for payment. We didn’t need to go through long queue.

After hours of browsing, these are the copies that I’ve got. I am happy so as my kids. We love them.

The experience was great. This is one of the best things I like to do, just walk around a bookstore and check anything and everything inside, as long as my husband can wait. Hehe. My time is up once he gets tired already. So husband, please be patient.

Enjoy reading!

Movie Date Vol. 35: Black Panther

Feb 16, 2018

As I have been always saying, I am just new to this Marvel world. I’m not used to stories of these greatest super heroes. And now, neither of the Black Panther’s. Anyways, I didn’t really care. It’s time to go out and de-stress. It was a busy week. The kids had already scheduled it, so we went.

I was deep in my thoughts. It was late for me to realise that the movie was already starting. What was I thinking? Huh? So, I wasn’t able to get the start of the story. I focused. I was trying to understand. I was serious. Then, they started breaking jokes. Oh, that’s the same way how they had attacked their other heroes’ story. Action-packed, that’s a given, and, inserting humour, which I liked.

For me, I have enjoyed the movie. It has a heart. I got a few notes, actually. Leadership is not just being strong. It is also not just for the strong. Leadership was not just being able to lead. It has to have compassion. It has to care. Alright? 🙂

Our Lunch At K-Pub BBQ Meat All You Can

One of the things we enjoyed doing together is eating. Who wouldn’t love it, anyway? Recently, ramen and Korean BBQ are two of the dishes we love to share with. While we prefer most of the time to grab a hot bowl of ramen, this time, we went to try the meat all you can Korean BBQ place in a nearby mall from the office.

I liked the mood. Dark yet vibrant. I guess, this place will be more vibrant during the night when music gets loud and lights are already dancing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called K-pub without these Korean shows, songs, artists and stars. Their posters are everywhere.

We ordered for Eat and Run, the meat-all-you can package for 1 hour for P499 per person. If you want seafoods, there’s another set for that. We ordered that one, supposedly. However, we were already halfway our 1-hour limit, yet, we didn’t receive any seafood at all. Good thing they allowed us to cancel that.

The set includes samgyeopsal, galbi and bulgogi style dishes. Our favorite was the Beef Sukiyaki. Other meat availables are Pork belly, Marinated Pork Belly in Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Korean Style Bacon, Marinated Pork Chop, Marinated Chicken in Sweet and Spicy Sauce and Marinated Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauce. We all had them but because they took longer to cook, we only asked for beef sukiyaki, all throughout our time.

The set also comes with complementary steamed egg, kimchi-pajeo, steamed rice and/or kimchi fried rice, soup, house salad, lettuce and refillable side dishes like kimchi, pickled vegetables, anchovies, fish cake and/or tofu.

I liked their bright and colorful plates. They add more accent to the place.

Overall, we enjoyed our 1-hour lunch. You just have to be patient and keep asking for refills to maximise your time. They tasted good especially when dipped with their special sauce.