Stip’s Salted Egg Potato Chips

Spicy Salted Egg Potato Chips. My friend introduced this chips to us. Good thing she did because it’s good. It’s not too spicy but it kicks a little. Just right to balance its salty flavor. Thumbs up!


A Taste of Korean

It was a long time plan for us to dine in a Korean restaurant. However, we always came down to a ramen house, instead. We always joke about this in our group, that we are already in our Tita’s (aunt) age, that’s why we preferred the hot noodle soup nowadays. I have admitted it long beforehand but to my friends, they are just in the realisation part. Hihi. Anyways, this time, we have finally realised our plan.

We went to Bulgogi restaurant in Greenbelt. We have ordered a plate of japchae, a pot of spicy rice cake and BBQ platters with side dishes and your choice of either cup of rice and/or basket of lettuce.

Unlimited servings of anchovies, Korean salad, kimchi, corn on a cob and pickled vegetables. These all tasted great. So, the moment our plates were cleaned up, we will immediately request for refill. The corn and the anchovies were our favorites.

Spicy Rice Cake. I loved this rice cake. I liked that it’s not so thick and I can still tolerate its level of spiciness. I even used its sauce to dip the grilled meat.

Korean Japchae. It has rice cake, too. It will help to dip it in the sauce of the spicy rice cake dish. It will definitely adds more flavor.

Platters of pork belly and beef belly. We requested the staff to grill it for us. We were so hungry we didn’t have the energy to grill. But, they were not cooked well when the staff brought them to our table, so we just grilled them more.

The meats were tender. We’re not that into the heart-shaped meat. But, other than that, everything was tasty.

The dips were also not to miss out. Their house tea was also very good. All in all, our experience was great. We definitely enjoyed our lunch.

Dessert Overloading

Oreo Madness. This dessert was delicious just like how it looks. It really looked good, I wanted to preserve it. But, I can’t help but dig in.

Mango Toffee. With the sour taste of mango combined with the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream and the toffee flavored crust, this dessert was a sure wow!

Odor Away Partner

I really wanted to find something like this, a deodorizer that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and that doesn’t smell too harsh. I really loved their tag, “eliminates odors at the source instead of masking them”. And, oh, the smell, it’s really good. Now, I am using this wherever possible. Yes, especially during that time in the comfort room. It’s so refreshing!

I’m glad I also tried their sanitizer. I think, it has hand softening effect. And, the Magnolia scent, I love it. It’s smell lasted longer than I expected. I’ll definitely get a new stock once I’ve finished this batch.