In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 28: Pizza, Pasta

The next time I will be craving for pizza, I’ll surely not to miss Gino’s. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza was just blocks away from the office, along the streets of Tordesillas and Bautista in Makati. A quick visit shouldn’t be a problem. We just wished it wouldn’t be too crowded, as many considered it their favorite.

These are some of the choices we’ve made. I was already getting hungry just by the look of them.

Prosciutto. Arugula. Kesong Puti.

Angelizzas. Mini pizzas but certainly big in taste. Yummy!

Salted Egg. 

Tomato Basil.


Just In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 27: Ramen

Sumo Sam’s Tantanmen. This would probably my best choice in Sumo Sam. Miso + Ground meat + vegetables, then a little less spicy flavor, they’re truly a winner combination. 

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Just within town is a new place to hangout. An instagrammable place, as we say nowadays. Matched with foods, drinks and long chitchat with family and friends, it is surely a hit.

Be sure to look around. There are a lot of shops to choose from. Snacks and finger foods, mostly. You will also find something heavier for your tummy but be sure to have a lot of patience as it will take long before your food will be served.

There are also the popular ones to which most of the people were also queuing. The effect? It took at least 45 minutes to have our foods.

While waiting, we satisfied ourselves first with lighter meals.

Then, the wait was over. This Uno set from Instagrill costs P450.00. With grilled tuna, liempo and longaniza, this was perfect for our family. By the way, there will be no fork and spoon. Gloves were provided so you will have to eat with your hands.

This marinated fish, we called it in Tagalog, Daing na Bangus, is my daughter’s favorite. We were looking around for choices but when she saw this in the menu, she never had second thoughts but ordered it immediately. This boneless fish set costs P150.00. She liked it, anyway.

This Above Sea Level’s Giant Squid took almost an hour to get served. This is one of the populars. We understood that it had to take a while. It’s one item for improvement, probably. Taste? Acceptable. This size costs P350.00.

How about drinks? They’re also overflowing. From water and iced tea to your favorite margarita and beer. What’s a good conversation without a little twist for your drinks. I just didn’t get a chance to check the restroom. You might want to limit yourself to avoid frequent visit at it.

All in all, I must admit this is one great place to hangout. Aside from longer waiting time for the foods to arrive, I didn’t have anything to rant about. Indulge yourself with various choices.

Work In Progress No. 9: Around Tali Beach

A continuous effort to improve my skill…on my way to 10,000 hours of photography, to success and to great photography.

The girls went out for an early summer escape at Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s about 3-hours drive from Manila. Zigzagging and uphills actually, when you’ll choose the way through Kaybiang Tunnel. But, don’t worry, I think, it was really worth a visit especially when what you much needed now is just a short break.

We’ve checked the Main Beach and the Marina Beach and they didn’t disappoint us. Those are only two of the five beaches inside the area. It wasn’t that crowded when we went there. I guessed, our timing was almost perfect that time. The waters are crystal clear and clean. Though, there’s some rocks underwater. Despite that, I still appreciated the beaches. It actually exceeded my expectation.

Some of my photos at the beach:

This could have been a great opportunity to practice shooting but I was looking after my kids, I only had a few shots. Still, I was happy I had a chance.

All pictures taken with my phone.

Just In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 26: Ramen

Yushoken’s Super Chashu. This was my husband’s meal. I had to log it, though. He’ll definitely ask me about his order should we visit here again. 

Yushoken’s Secret Recipe, Ebi Tonkotsu. Rich in flavor and overflowing with seafood toppings, It was good, yet, I had to take note to order a different secret recipe next time. Why? Just because it was seafood based.