Live To Eat At All Day Supermarket

Living life can be as simple as it is. Live to eat. It doesn’t always necessarily mean something grand. It can be something or anything that will give you your stomach satisfaction.

I was glad when I learned that the ‘paluto’ concept is already being offered in All Day Supermarket. It is where you’ll buy the raw ingredients right inside the supermarket, choose the dish that you want, pay the extra charge for cooking then proceed to your table to wait for your foods to get ready. I was not used to this setup inside malls. Usually, it was in wet markets, not in supermarkets where I can buy any other things for the house. Now, I can get my groceries while they cook, in one place. A good factor for a mother who can think of a lot more chores she can do from the time she saved with these.

The pictures below showed the usual choices from the Fresh Section. They were no different with other mall supermarkets except they offer far more services for you. No time to cook, you have options here. Need to shop while you eat, try it here. It saves you time. It saves you work. Whoever taught of this idea, it was brilliant.

These were some of the foods we’ve tried. Don’t tell me you didn’t like them. If you’re not a fan of seafood, there’s a lot more items to check. Branches of All Day Supermarket are everywhere. Go ahead, check one.


Fatburger, literally!

It was Friday night in Makati. We were hungry. We wanted something right away. No lines, no waiting time. Readily available table. Tada! We were suddenly at the right place. And, Fatburger had just gave us our much needed satisfaction. Our tummy must had been the happiest that time. How could they not be, they just had one of the fattest burgers to date.

Double Fatburger with Cheddar Cheese.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Bone-in Buffalo Wings (too bad I forgot the flavor).

Bone-in Buffalo Wings (too bad I forgot the flavor, again).

Onion Rings.