HK Diaries: Day 3 At The Peak


HK Diaries: Day 1

I love how taxis looked in HK. If only I was able to shoot them in array, that could really made my day.

Inside the train airport, to transfer from the unloading area to the arrival hall.

Inside the K4 express shuttle bus, on our way to Park Hotel.

Some of the neon signs in HK. They are not much in our area in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

The 7-Eleven store in HK.

Ooops, got a few taxis on the road.

Still busy in iSquare Plaza

McDonald’s in the house.

Cremia store. Best sift serve ice cream?

The chocolate coated and the regular cremia in vanilla flavor.

Our go to foodies in HK.

Egg puff. Our kids’ favorite.

One of the surprises in a pack of chocolates.

I’d like to check how bottled milk tea in HK would taste like, but I guessed, I didn’t get the best choice.