Going Places: Montemar Beach Club in Bagac, Bataan 

We usually go out to places within 1 or 2-hours drive away from home. This time, we decided to extend it further. Choosing a destination always means considering it to be a kid-friendly place. It has to be where our kids will be able to have fun. 

Montemar Beach Club in Bataan is not a new place. As my husband had estimated, they’re probably existing for around 20years, that I failed to ask, though. Despite that, attraction wise and service wise, they truly have experted their crafts, I think, thru the times. That’s why we didn’t have any complaints to the staffs. They’re very accommodating and they’re doing well in what they needed to do.

I just wish that they could tend more gardens to create more relaxing ambiance in the ground similar or more than to what its beach could offer. More power, Montemar!

This is one of the garden view rooms at Inn 3. Room 306, to be exact. It was a simple yet clean room. It has a veranda where you can enjoy the garden view.

This is the garden. Yes it’s green but I can’t say if it’s enough to make me feel relaxed. It could have been better if it was tended more properly. Though, I understand the management, the whole Montemar area is so big. Maintaining it and continuously making it beautiful is very challenging.

The Deluxe room from another angle. Wi-fi will be charged at Php50.00 per device for 24 hours but signal inside the room weakens. It will be best to browse outside or at the front office.

There were not so much in the bathroom.

Inclusive in the package is the free buffet breakfast for 2. The foods were traditional Filipino breakfast foods. I must say, they have great cooks. We cannot bring foods inside, so all our foods need to be ordered there. I appreciated that foods tasted good, though, quite pricey. Otherwise, it’s automatically a ruined vacation if what we had on the table wasn’t likeable.

This tree house added the attraction. It wasn’t much but thankfully, it led us to discover the playground at the other side.

“Oh, playground!” Both of them shouted. Kids raced their way to get there. I’d guessed, they were too excited to climb those little heights.

I was supposed to get the best shot of the pool. It turned out, this is the best that I’ve got. Ahaha. But, to at least give you a picture of the pavilion pool, it’s wide. It’s suitable for kids. It started shallow then gets deeper to the end. I loved the water temperature. It’s raining when we had our visit, but thankfully, it didn’t feel cold. I thought, we’re actually swimming in a hot spring.

I loved the shore. It was clean. It was calm. A perfect place to get that much needed relaxation.

I wish I could sleep there by the beachside. But, all had been occupied, I wasn’t able to land a spot.

What a beautiful sight, it’s too calm. Just by standing at the shore, inhaling the breathe of salty fresh air, it was enough to wish, I hope this vacation could be extended.

Tides have turned things differently on the next day. The calmness was no longer there. Despite that, the waves have brought more fun. Kids were able to play with the waves.

Something Happened Vol. 7: The 119th Declaration Of Philippine Independence

When: June 12, 2017

Where: Philippines

What: The 119th Declaration of the Philippine Indepence from Spain since 1898

Philippine President: Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte

There were too many things that have happened and I  wasn’t able to log. But, this time, I wouldn’t let this pass as to where the declaration and the first time the Philippine flag was ever flown, is very close to my heart. It was in Cavite and I’m proud to be a Caviteña. Ahaha. 

To all the Filipinos, Happy Independence Day!!!!

The Philippine Declaration of Independence Day on June 12, 1898 took place in Cavite El Viejo which we knew now as Kawit, Cavite. But prior, to that date, on May 28, 1898, the Philippine flag was first flown in Alapan, Imus, Cavite. I want to share here what the city government is doing to constantly remind us of this historical event. Hopefully, this can be maintained and will be considered during future developments. 

In this place, the Battle of Alapan took place. It was here that the first Philippine flag was flown. The area that this statue was built is still a vast agricultural land, still far from the city’s on-going developments. Hence, my wish to make this place stay longer if not forever.

The Philippine flags circling the area of the 90-foot flag pole. In this site, happened one of the series of battles in the Philippine Revolution.

The towering height of the 90-foot flag pole stands proud.

A closer look.

How Is The Sony A6000 With The Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II?

I peeked in my viewfinder. It was way too dark. When I zoomed in, I can’t get any lower than f6.5, it’s f4.5 at its fastest at 55mm. I can’t make my shutter speed slower. That will definitely turned out to a blurred photo. I had no choice but to increase my ISO. That is what I usually get with my SEL55210. Don’t misunderstood, please, I love my Sony zoom lens, when I have all the light outdoors, but in church where I usually shoot, I just got too much grain in my photos. I believed my SEL35F18 will not be suitable for my needs, either. That’s when I always wished, in this dark room condition, I hope I could have a faster telephoto lens. Then, I knew I only need one, that is the mighty 70-200 2.8. Wow! Yes I know, some of you may not agree with me but I knew that will be the gear for me.
After so much contemplation, moving forward, I finally got my dream lens. I am its third hand, though. Well, now, you would ask me, “Was it worth it?” Well… ahaha. That’s what I can say for now. But, let’s try to list down some of my questions prior to getting one which now I already have the answer.

  1. Will it work with my Sony A6000? Yes
  2. How did it work? With the use of Metabones IV adapter
  3. How did the Metabones adapter perform? It will make the lens work with the camera but is this what all the reviews were saying the best adapter for Sony? I wasn’t quite impressed, yet.
  4. Does Auto-focus (AF) work? How fast, if ever? Yes, in good lighting condition, it’s quite fast. But when it’s dark, it’s better to use the Manual Focus (MF). It will take time to AF. Your subject may wait forever if you’ll wait for the camera to do it automatically.
  5. Can I bear its weight? Well, it’s hard to zoom and focus manually if you are supporting the weight of the lens as well. So, after the shoot, I have to flex my hand as it’s quite a challenge handling it.
  6. Is it easy to use? I was used to AF, so I am adjusting.
  7. Aside it’s weight and focus issues, are there any problems that may be encountered? One time I encountered, it suddenly blacked-out. I can’t press the shutter. I turned it on-off but nothing happened. I changed my lens immediately and pulled out the battery. Thankfully, it worked. Then another incident where it stopped saving. The screen displayed ‘writing in memory card’ but the red indicator at the SD card slot stayed on. I can’t turn the camera off. I had to pull out the battery to make it stop.
  8. Am I happy after getting one? Of course, I just need to use it more wherein light is more available. In fairness, the photos are less grainy now. I just need to get used to MF. That could mean softer and more dreamy look as I will be able to blur others which are not of my main focus.
  9. How’s its performance, in general? I liked what I am getting now, with the current lighting condition I’m in. Though, it is challenging and I have to get used of manual focusing. I am excited to what I could get when I finally bring it to work outside.

I don’t have much photos to share now but I’ll make sure to update you as soon as I have gotten a few samples. You may post your questions in the comments if you’re planning to do similar setup as mine.

Teppanya’s Grilling In Evia

Teppanya is a new food stop in Evia. More than the food here, what got me more excited was the way how their foods were cooked. It was a beautiful show, they’re grilling it right in front of you. I’d forgotten I was hungry.

Condiments just within chef’s reach.

If the chef has his own condiments, this set is for you. The usual soy sauce and my friends’ all-time favorite, chili oil.

This was the interesting part. The chef showing off his cooking skills, firing up the grill.

From plain white rice, chef had turned it to a flavorful yakimeshi rice.

From a 75-g of pork tenderloin, chef sliced it vertically. Ask how we wanted it done, then pour a scoop of broth, then we had this tender mouth watering pork cuts. Matched with onion and eggplant and garlic, salt and pepper on the sides, I really picked a good choice.

Grilled the salmon first. Put some sauce. Garnished with onion stalks, I think. Then, we already had this beautiful tasting dish. Chef made it look cooking was just easy as 1, 2, 3.

Don’t belittle these onion and eggplant slices. They were best match to our other teppanyaki choices.

This tonkatsu was already cooked when served. However, I would say I loved the teppanyaki more.

Ebi Tempura. It might be more awesome when we can watch how these prawns were prepared.

A Quick Stop In Wildflour In Makati

A continuous effort to improve my skill…on my way to 10,000 hours of photography, to success and to great photography.

February 23, 2017

All photos in this post were taken and edited with my mobile phone. Enjoy!

While some of my friends were busy looking at the menu, I was busy taking photos of these lusciously looking bed of breads, cookies, pastries and other baked goodies. I was overwhelmed with these wide selections. But, I was excited. It will be another opportunity for me to put out my smartphone and continue with my work in progress series.

They say, looks can be deceiving. But, with Wildflour, what you see is what you get. Beautiful looking outside and definitely great tasting inside. Oh, it was such a sweet experience. Forgave me for posting these. I knew this will tap the cravings in you. 

This is a must try, that’s what others recommended. Unfortunately, we never got to try this. But just a look at it, i was already drooling.

This was their special complimentary offer. If you are like my friend who loves to chew the butter, you will surely love this. Once you consumed it, they may give you another serving. Just to add, this was quite tough more than crunchy.

Roast Organic Chicken, Pho 650. “Mashed potato, bacon lardon, organic carrots, sauce coq au vin”. The mashed potato was great. It was a good complement to the savory chicken.

Squid Ink Mafaldine, Php 540. “Prawns, clams, squid, garlic, butter and pistachios”. Not a usual part of my food list, but definitely, this one did not disappoint me. I can’t even tell what I was eating that time because it was so good. It didn’t taste like seafoods at all. That could probably a downside to others but for me, it’s a plus, for this food, particularly.

“Mussels and Fries, Php 480. Garlic, parsley , butter, onions and celery”. Oh, the mussels were so fresh. It was like the sweetest food on our table. We all knew it wasn’t but probably its freshness just added more flavor in it.

Don’t get too intimidated with the name of their foods, their menu can be overwhelming. But, it will not hurt to ask. The same goes with the pastries, seeing all of them in front of you may confuse you and eats up your time by just looking at the menu. If you are a first timer like us, it may be better to talk with the staff. But, just to add, no matter what will you get, surely, you will not be wrong with your choice. You will love every bite of it. Go get it!