Work In Progress No. 8: Super Blue Blood Moon

A continuous effort to improve my skill…on my way to 10,000 hours of photography, to success and to great photography.


It was a rare event that happened in our lifetime, to have witnessed a super blue blood moon.

To remind myself:

Blue Moon, a second full moon in a calendar month

Super Moon, when the moon is unusually close to Earth, making it bigger and brighter

Blood moon, a moment during an eclipse when the moon appears red

I never wasted this opportunity. I put out my gears and tried to capture my best shots.

It was past 8PM, Philippine time, I started. I didn’t catch the super blue moon that much. While I was getting my best shot, slowly I can see that the moon was turning red. But, I wasn’t successful. I didn’t like my shots. Maybe, I took around or more than hundred shots. It wasn’t easy. It was trial and error. But, luckily I took a few that I can say that I got it.


This was taken a day after the happening of Super Blue Blood Moon. It was too bright that I couldn’t help but capture it, as well.


HK Diaries: Day 1

I love how taxis looked in HK. If only I was able to shoot them in array, that could really made my day.

Inside the train airport, to transfer from the unloading area to the arrival hall.

Inside the K4 express shuttle bus, on our way to Park Hotel.

Some of the neon signs in HK. They are not much in our area in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

The 7-Eleven store in HK.

Ooops, got a few taxis on the road.

Still busy in iSquare Plaza

McDonald’s in the house.

Cremia store. Best sift serve ice cream?

The chocolate coated and the regular cremia in vanilla flavor.

Our go to foodies in HK.

Egg puff. Our kids’ favorite.

One of the surprises in a pack of chocolates.

I’d like to check how bottled milk tea in HK would taste like, but I guessed, I didn’t get the best choice.