Just In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 24: Ramen

This one’s another HK Diary entry. After three days of eating mostly fries and burger, I finally found something in the airport. Too bad, I didn’t have much food experience in this city. I was too tired of the schedule I’ve plotted for the kids. My bad. Anyways, I knew there would be proper time for that. For now, I was happy I tried this, at least.


Ajisen‘s Spicy Beef Ramen


Ajisen‘s Tender Rib Ramen


In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 23: Ramen 

Sumo Sam’s Miso-based Tempura Ramen. Keyword ‘miso’ noted. I must remember this base should be my choice when ordering ramen. My taste bud told me this one’s better than shoyu. Approved!

Sigekiya Ramen and Tsukemen

When you entered this ramen place, you will be greeted with a strong scent. My husband and I couldn’t help but smile at each other because we didn’t like what we smelled. When I checked their menu, that’s when I understood that it was the smell of their fish flavor. Anyways, we got used to it. We never cared, eventually.

Bowl variants

Tsukemen Gyokai, spicy level 3

Sigekiya Ramen, spicy level 3

If I may add, my tsukemen soup was sizzling when delivered to our table. That made me more excited to have my first sip. I never hesitated. Slowly, I scooped the soup. Then, when I had It, the flavor was so good. It’s just if you don’t prefer salty foods, it might not be your best choice.

Through the kitchen window

Japanese feel

In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 22: Ramen 


Mendokoro Ramenba’s Miso Ramen. I think, this is my new favorite. It’s  very rich in flavor. It was a very balanced bowl. Meat. Vegetables. Spices. There was nothing unlikeable in it. I loved it.