In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 21: Bingsu 


Snow Panda’s Oreo Bingsu. Fluffy, sweet and creamy. Great food to share with the kids. I’d love to get more bowls, if ever

We recently visited the place with the kids as me and my husband had planned. We knew when we’ve tasted the oreo bingsu that the kids will definitely love to check this place out. 

We let them pick their choice. They’ve got bubblegum and chocolate. I was quite disappointed, I wanted to try a more unique flavor but they’ve prefer the more usual ones. Here came these shaved snow:


Bubblegum Bingsu


Choco Bingsu

Oh, the bubblegum tasted heaven. To exaggerate, you will forget all your worries once you’ve tasted it. Ahaha. The chocolate was good but we preferred the sweeter and richer flavor of bubblegum. The kids are now excited to go for our next visit.


Little Moments 

Things weren’t much this past few months. I just knew I was fully occupied with work. Even, until now. Deadline after deadline. Good thing my husband has set a weekly night out with his busy wife. Food has always been our get away, then. I appreciated him for that. We might not have spent the weekend out of town and go places. At least, we find time to have a little talk in a different setting, outside our house. Cheers to our weekly night bonding!


TGIF’s Filipino Pork Liempo.


Chipotle Chicken

Just In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 20: Ramen


Sumo Sam’s Buta Kakuni Ramen. Pho 380. It was my first time hearing the word ‘buta kakuni’. Unfortunately, when I asked the server, he cannot gave me a clear explanation. The photo looked acceptable, so I gave it a try. I actually liked its miso-based soup even if it was not too rich in flavor. The kakuni, however, was not tender enough. I would be having second thoughts to get the same order, given a chance. I’d better remind myself of this.

The Unplanned Visit To Hai Chix & Steaks

In our pursuit for another ramen experience, we happened to come across this place. 

It was a rainy Friday. We left the office as early as 1130AM. Unfortunately, two of the places we’ve visited were already full of people who, like us, wanted to fill our tummy with hot bowl of noodles. I didn’t have much patience to wait that time. As we won’t mind to check this new place, just beside this ramen place, we headed our way inside and secure our seats. We didn’t have any ideas if it was a good decision. Taste? Price? Service? We really didn’t know. 


Prawn Bisque


Hanger Steak Shrimp Pasta


Manila Clams Pasta


Fish And Chips


Hainanese Chicken Rice


BBQ Full Ribs

How did it go? Well, it was worth the risk to go unplanned. This hainanese chicken and steak place had something to sell. They really have great tasting foods. We loved everything we had in our table. We’re glad we never stuck to our original plan. 

Just In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 19: Katsu


Kumikatsu’s. These 3 are said to be the best of their flavored tonkatsus. Garlic. Pepper. Cheese. A set costs Php 380.00 with unlimited serving of rice, cabbage and pickled vegetables and miso soup. Of these 3, I would have preferred the original tonkatsu or the peppered flavored, at least.