Our Lunch At K-Pub BBQ Meat All You Can

One of the things we enjoyed doing together is eating. Who wouldn’t love it, anyway? Recently, ramen and Korean BBQ are two of the dishes we love to share with. While we prefer most of the time to grab a hot bowl of ramen, this time, we went to try the meat all you can Korean BBQ place in a nearby mall from the office.

I liked the mood. Dark yet vibrant. I guess, this place will be more vibrant during the night when music gets loud and lights are already dancing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called K-pub without these Korean shows, songs, artists and stars. Their posters are everywhere.

We ordered for Eat and Run, the meat-all-you can package for 1 hour for P499 per person. If you want seafoods, there’s another set for that. We ordered that one, supposedly. However, we were already halfway our 1-hour limit, yet, we didn’t receive any seafood at all. Good thing they allowed us to cancel that.

The set includes samgyeopsal, galbi and bulgogi style dishes. Our favorite was the Beef Sukiyaki. Other meat availables are Pork belly, Marinated Pork Belly in Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Korean Style Bacon, Marinated Pork Chop, Marinated Chicken in Sweet and Spicy Sauce and Marinated Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauce. We all had them but because they took longer to cook, we only asked for beef sukiyaki, all throughout our time.

The set also comes with complementary steamed egg, kimchi-pajeo, steamed rice and/or kimchi fried rice, soup, house salad, lettuce and refillable side dishes like kimchi, pickled vegetables, anchovies, fish cake and/or tofu.

I liked their bright and colorful plates. They add more accent to the place.

Overall, we enjoyed our 1-hour lunch. You just have to be patient and keep asking for refills to maximise your time. They tasted good especially when dipped with their special sauce.


In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 25: Ramen 


Ikkuryo Fukuoka Spicy Tonbanjan Tonkotsu. This was a set meal. It’s good for it’s price, actually. For Php299, you’ll be able to get enough  serving of ramen, chicken karaage and coleslaw in the sides. This got to have a thumbs up!

Just In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 24: Ramen

This one’s another HK Diary entry. After three days of eating mostly fries and burger, I finally found something in the airport. Too bad, I didn’t have much food experience in this city. I was too tired of the schedule I’ve plotted for the kids. My bad. Anyways, I knew there would be proper time for that. For now, I was happy I tried this, at least.


Ajisen‘s Spicy Beef Ramen


Ajisen‘s Tender Rib Ramen

In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 23: Ramen 

Sumo Sam’s Miso-based Tempura Ramen. Keyword ‘miso’ noted. I must remember this base should be my choice when ordering ramen. My taste bud told me this one’s better than shoyu. Approved!