My Current Relief Aid

I tend to like these pain relief rubs nowadays. Do they really define my age? A big HAHA. I used to ignore these types. But now, I found myself interested. Essential oils, scented balms, air diffuser, something that could bring peace and calmness. These are one of my things now. Am I alone with this feeling? I hope not. Raise your hand if you’re also having new tastes or recently changing your choices. We’re, literally, aging. Maturing, I mean. That’s why I got to love these rubs.

This is, by far, the preferred scent at home. This smelled like bubblegum.

If you like something strong and love it more than the sweet scent, this mint flavor could be best for you.

This one is for calmness and a good night sleep.

I think, this come in between the sweet ‘Energy’ and the minty ‘Oliva Organica’.


2015 Kerygma Conference’s Coming Home

The Kerygma Conference Grand Feast happened on Nov 22, 2015. This year’s theme was Coming Home. Though, we weren’t able to attend the whole event, still, it was another blessed experience. Some of the key points I’ve noted were summarized below:

image image image image image image image image image

Hope you were inspired, too.
P.S. All quotations were excerpts from Bro. Bo Sanchez and Bro. Arun Gogna’s talk.

Coming home,

I Was Inspired!

It has been a while since I posted the latest happenings at The Feast Imus. It’s not that there’s nothing to be raved about, but, actually, it was the opposite. We have been crazy busy these past weeks. So much have happened. Our regular weekly gatherings. A Jesus Encounter event. Another special event to show random act of kindness, a mini concert, actually. Electricity outtages. Generator failure. Black-out. Servant’s retreat. All of these filled-up our September days. Contrary to the song, “Wake me up when September ends”, we barely had enough time to sleep. We didn’t realized October approached us so fast. But, of all these things that happened, one thing inspired me the most. That, no matter how difficult a situation was, it didn’t have to be a reason to stop and give up.


It was not easy preaching under the sun. It wasn’t easier speaking without the microphone. It wasnt comfortable looking at all the people feeling uncomfortable. Truly, only a serving heart can deliver it well. It wasn’t easy accepting that while others celebrated their Feast in world class theater, we were here at the rooftop, quite smelling sweat, sun-bathed and with sticky feeling. It wasn’t easy listening to a talk without having to worry how messed your hair could be, as winds threw them left and right. It wasn’t easy being here, where you’re out of your comfort zone.


But, thank God that despite all of these, we may not be in our best appearance, but, truly, we were one truly nourished soul. Yes, we were down but we were able to get up and finished the race. God really worked wonders.

We, people, tend to stay in our comfortable box. Just as what I’ve heard from Bro. Bo’s teachings, we were used to living inside an air-conditioned room, only rode in an air-conditioned car, will regularly worked in an air-conditioned office and, frequently, strolled in air-conditioned mall. We were so contained in that space that in a little act of kindness, we may greatly utter, “O, how much have I sacrificed for that!”. Wake up! This was nothing compared to the sacrifices God had made for us. But, He had never boasted it to us. So, remember, the next time you were in a situation were the word ‘easy’ was no longer known, don’t give up. Go on. More than an inspirer, you are a conqueror.

God bless.