HK Diaries: Emack & Bolioโ€™s


I should have taken pictures of the beautifully coated cones. However, I was so busy chit-chatting with my friend, I totally forgot to take the shots of the cones instead of this menu.

Actually, I was also quite shy that time. It seemed that this place is a go to place to chill out in HK. People were queueing, even if you only have those stairs to sit on. That time, I really need to find a place where I can sit and stretch my tired legs. Anyways, others might not need the chairs and tables. They can enjoy the ice cream while walking around and sightseeing.

I only have this photo of my child who looked very grateful and was really pleased with her vanilla ice cream.


Movie Date Vol. 32: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Dec 13, 2017

I was with my husband and our kids when we watched this movie. I didn’t have clear memories of the whole Star Wars stories but my husband knew them quite well.For me it was a good movie.I liked that they put a little humor in it. However, for my husband, he didn’t like it that much. He was looking for more. It just didn’t meet his expectations. Gotta go home where Star Wars spirit was not that high. It was for him, anyways. As for me and the kids, we were happy we’re able to go out. ‘Till the next movie.

Our Room Away From Home

Finding a hotel in HK was never difficult. It’s only the question of how much were you willing to pay for a place where you will just sleep because most of the day, you will be busy roaming around the city. Of course, location, cleanliness, safety and security should always be the priorities. I have scanned thru a lot of hotel choices. Fortunately, we had landed to a good one. I think, it’s a 5-minute walk from the nearest MTR exit in Tsim Tsa Tsui station. It’s in Park Hotel. That was our place on our 4D3N tour in Hongkong. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture a view of the hotel outside. The only photo I took was the one below.

The Park Hotel entrance (left side) in Cameron Road.

This is a Superior room type with a queen-sized bed. So, imagine, we are 4 in the family, how we were able to fit in there.

The room space was just enough. Some forums I’ve read said that space in HK is a treasure. So, I guess, we really got a good place given that the room has spaces for cabinet and drawers, for a mini refrigerator, for a desk table, for a chair and another round table.

The hotel provided us with a smart phone which we can use for browsing. They have complimentary wi-fi, too. And the connection was good. I just didn’t have the energy to maximize it because I was too tired durinh the night that I preferred to sleep rather than browse the net.

Aside from the service phone, I was amazed with this small control panel on the side table. You can control everything here while you were comfortably resting on the bed. From the switch lights, in every area of the room, to its dim level. The air-con switch to its temperature level and as an alarm clock. I forgot to try the radio/music button. I just realized it now that I’m writing he blog. It was too cool for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

What was also important was the bathroom. It has a bath tub. Perfect to ease out all your day’s stress. It needed to be dry as much as possible so that I won’t get more stressed.

I requested for everyday housekeeping so towels were always replaced and there were always new toiletries. I ensured that everytime we got back from our tour, our room will be in good condition. So that I can rest already and didn’t need to worry organizing things.

This was the hallway to our room, 1119 just to take note.

All in all, it was good. I liked it that it was always cleaned. It was safe and very accessible from the MTR station. Thank you, Park Hotel.