In Case I Forgot About Things Vol. 29: Ramen (Red King)


Fatburger, literally!

It was Friday night in Makati. We were hungry. We wanted something right away. No lines, no waiting time. Readily available table. Tada! We were suddenly at the right place. And, Fatburger had just gave us our much needed satisfaction. Our tummy must had been the happiest that time. How could they not be, they just had one of the fattest burgers to date.

Double Fatburger with Cheddar Cheese.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Bone-in Buffalo Wings (too bad I forgot the flavor).

Bone-in Buffalo Wings (too bad I forgot the flavor, again).

Onion Rings.

What I Captured At Sambokojin

One of the food places who offers an eat-all-you-can and/or grill-all-you-can is at Sambokojin. Not only you’ll be able to chat with friends over food but also you’ll be able to bond while grilling. It gave you more time to share. Especially in these days of internet and social media, it’s a good time to put down your phones and talk to each other as if there’ll be no tomorrow, except when you need to take photos for memories safekeeping. That’s what I did. I gathered most of our foods, took photos and ate. We had a long night. I knew the food tasted great. And I knew we enjoyed them. And we had a good laugh. ‘Til next time, Sambokojin.

Movie Date Vol. 37: Deadpool 2

May 16, 2018

This one’s a truly hilarious movie! This is what you might need if you still feel the pain brought about by the Avengers Infinity Wars movie. From being comedic to its movie soundtrack, it hadn’t disappointed. Wade Wilson humor was really there. I found myself laughing even if I’m quite sleepy. And you will still have to laugh at the end. See it!

Movie Date Vol. 36: Avengers Infinity War

May 04, 2018

More than a week after its premiere, the hype is almost over. Cinema was no longer crowded. We were less than 20 when we watched it.

For the past few days, I tried not to watch nor read anything related about Avengers. I wasn’t a fan. Just like what I always said, I’m just an ordinary movie-goer. I saw it then as if nothing happened because I easily forgot. But prior watching a movie, I preferred not to know anything about a movie. I appreciated it more if I will discover the story while watching.

With Avengers, I managed to not knew anything and it was good. The feeling of sadness because of the lost of too many main characters was fresh. I didn’t have any idea who’ll never make it nor who’ll survive. That’s what I liked.

About the story, I was quite lost. I’ll have to do a little digging to know what happened from the past. But, cinematically and visual-wise, movie creators have progressed so much, there was no way they can’t impressed us with their effects. I loved the battle in Wakanda. What else? The battle with Thanos in Titan. Hmmm… in Knowhere, in Scotland. Just every battle scenes, I think, were quite awesome.

I will be looking forward for more intense battles on the next instalment of the movie. For now, let’s all wish we do not get disintegrated while we wait.