Our 2017 Stay in Acacia Hotel Manila

It was the same Acacia Hotel that I remembered 2 or 3 years ago. Nothing much had changed except of course, some of the chairs’ upholstery in the lobby had quite faded. Same quality of service but I felt less satisfied. There were too many guests during our last visit. More guests meant more people need to be sharing with the facilities particularly at the swimming pools, at the gym and at the buffet restaurant. Ahaha. Glutton! But, it was for the kids why we went out in the first place. So, I had no choice but to bear with them and just enjoy just like how our kids did.

These are what will welcome you:

The reception. I got to steal this during their non-busy hours.

Wallings. Are these falling leaves from an acacia tree?

Acaci Coffee Shop view from the top

The lobby. You know you’re in Acacia because of these prints.

My little girl was busy browsing the magazines.

I got the booking thru Trivago.com. With various hotel offers, I was able to select the more affordable choice in Expedia.com. For 2-night stay in a Deluxe room including breakfast for 2, we paid a total of Php9,700.00. That was Php3,880.00 per night and the additional charges of Php1,940.00. Good thing we were upgraded to an Executive Suite in the 15th floor. Most of the time, I saw a housekeeping personnel there. I can always ask to replenish the toiletries and replace the towels. A less stressful way to spend my day, a less soaking wet bathroom floors. Hehe, thanks to the staff manning the floor. 

These were inside our room:

A welcome note. Thank you, as I replied. 🙂 This was matched with apple and orange, just weren’t shown on the picture.

The bed. A comfy, king-sized bed for a family of four. Do you got the same reaction as mine, when I see bed fixed as this, I will be so amazed, really “wow” and would just jump then roll back and forth on it? Ahaha. But, this time, I had to do my photoshoot first.

The TV and your desk. I liked that it just had the right distance from the bed. It’s one of the perks of having a bigger space.

The working area. Another advantage of an Executive Suite, you got an extra space to do your cooking duties.

This lamp, its pair on the other side, another lamp on the desk, plus the TV, were the only lights we had. That was a puzzle to me. I didn’t find any light switch for the main room. I should have asked, though.

I only liked the lotion. The rest, better than nothing. And besides, these were always replenished, how can I complain.

2 set of robes, 2 pairs of slippers, a laundry bag, a flatiron, a vault. They’re all just within the cabinet, at your hands’ reach.

The bathroom, while it wasn’t yet ransacked by the kids.

I needed to take note of these. These were small details but will definitely be a key one day should I need to review my stay here.


The other facilities:

A Steakhouse as the Acaci extension at breakfast. As I’ve mentioned, there were too many guests. Lines in the Acaci restaurant for a buffet breakfast had immediately piled up as early as 6:30AM. On our first day, we got to get a seat in the restaurant but on the next day, we had to settle in the satellite extension they’ve prepared here.

The bar.

Acaci restaurant. We were few of the early birds.

The main courses.

Light meals.


These were view of what’s outside the hotel:

From the pool area at the 3rd floor. Look down while waiting for the kids to stop swimming.

This time, look up. 🙂

Oh, it’s lovely. Light flashes at night.


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