Coldplay In A Head Full Of Dreams Tour In Manila

Nov 18, 2016.
It was the start of what we thought could only happen in our dreams. That was the day when Globe, who was one of the main sponsors of the concert, had given a chance its subscribers to get 2 tickets each of our chosen ticket type. You just had to be one of the lucky texters to get first through the line. And, I was. I got 2-guaranteed silver tickets for the Coldplay concert in MOA on April 04, 2017.

April 04, 2017.
We went at the venue at 1130AM, even if the concert is still scheduled at 8PM. We’re not so excited. Hehe. We wouldn’t mind to wait for hours. We knew we were almost there. What was hours compared to years of waiting. We had to mind that this seemed far from reality before. It was just hopes and expectations. A check in my husband’s bucket list to watch Coldplay live had no chance of a probability. But there, it was happening. 

The concert venue was not in our side. It wasn’t the best location for a much anticipated event like this. Leveled grounds, all standing viewers only and a mile away from the stage, as Chris Martin had sung it, it was really such challenging hours. Yet, we were so thrilled. A simple sound check routine, had definitely caused a roar. As we neared to its start, fans started coming and they had quickly grew in numbers. We were suddenly left with only a little space to where we stand. I dared to go out to take a leak but was not successful. I ended up going back to my place and control it until the concert will be over. We were so close, all the viewers, literally. Though, we didn’t know each other, when someone was taking a picture, surely the people in the sides were very friendly to smile and pose for the groupie. It was tiring, actually. Did we have complaints? Yes, of course. But, still, we had to wait. The magical hour will be starting in minutes, as I thought.

What happened next was unexplainable. To be honest, I was there because of my husband. I maybe one of the thousands who didn’t know their songs well, but being there was different. It was rewarding. It felt so surreal. Imagine what a real fan had felt. That maybe was indescribable. I may have fainted, if ever.

Colorful lights, fireworks, great songs, best artists, what more could we asked for. An enchanting night, indeed. An earthquake actually happened that same night. But, maybe only a few felt it. I, personally , thought it was just the rocking concert. That’s how intense the concert was. Intense and beautiful. Definitely, a bucket list item fulfilled.


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