Movie Date Vol. 24: Beauty and The Beast

March 16, 2017

Screen capped from the animated film version.

Our two girls can’t wait. They were really excited at the day that they can finally watch the movie. We, my husband and I, need to work first . So, after office, it was going to be a date with the kids. However, when we checked, the schedule suitable for them were all fully booked. We’ve already checked 3 cinemas. Unfortunately, school days weren’t over yet, we didn’t want to settle at the time of the last full show. Oh, no! My husband told me that the kids were crying. They were disappointed that they cannot watch it that night. Still blessed, our next attempt was a success. We were able to book in SM Cinema. So, the mood swung.

They were like this during the movie. “Wow!” and they were all smiles, even gaping when they saw Beauty in her elegant gown. Ahaha. Kids!!! It was a sight to see their reactions. I didn’t want to ruin how they had appreciated the movie, ’cause for me, I liked the cartoon version more. Why?Probably, I can’t get over yet with Hermione. Hehe.


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