Tenka Shabu-Shabu

One of the best deals in town, is an ‘Eat All You Can’ offer. At Php450 per voucher, Tenka Japanese Shabu-Shabu in Glorietta, is one of the places you can pick. Order as much as you can. Eat as much as you can, just make sure to finish everything. There is no secret in achieving a great shabu shabu experience. A little spice and mix can do the trick for you. Enjoy!

Inside Tenka. We were lucky that day. The restaurant wasn’t too crowded. We didn’t experience what many claimed as they had poor service.

Soysauce mixed with these spices would be your key to a happy tummy. Prepare it according to your taste preferrences.

Yum yum yum. You will have to choose two broths. Actually, I was seated first on this part of the table, however, this was too spicy for me, I had to move out to another table where the hot pot had the regular soup and the satay flavored broth.

See, it didn’t look too spicy, right? It looked good and inviting. I suddenly became hungry. This soup, though, was not too tasty. You have to spice it in your bowl for you to appreciate it more.

The rate included one short order of any side dishes. You cannot take this out so make sure to finish this, as well. I had gyoza and I can say that they gave quite a serving.

These were some of the vegetables and all other ingredients we had to put in. I loved those squid balls and lobster balls.

Everything in the hot pot must go. So, this was what our table looked like after ordering so much. We were just six girls. What more if we were with someone who has so much appetite. If ever, there were leftovers with the raw ingredients, say, vegetables, the staff said it was just ok. However, if we have meat leftover we had to pay it. Though, I wasn’t sure about this.


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