Teppanya’s Grilling In Evia

Teppanya is a new food stop in Evia. More than the food here, what got me more excited was the way how their foods were cooked. It was a beautiful show, they’re grilling it right in front of you. I’d forgotten I was hungry.

Condiments just within chef’s reach.

If the chef has his own condiments, this set is for you. The usual soy sauce and my friends’ all-time favorite, chili oil.

This was the interesting part. The chef showing off his cooking skills, firing up the grill.

From plain white rice, chef had turned it to a flavorful yakimeshi rice.

From a 75-g of pork tenderloin, chef sliced it vertically. Ask how we wanted it done, then pour a scoop of broth, then we had this tender mouth watering pork cuts. Matched with onion and eggplant and garlic, salt and pepper on the sides, I really picked a good choice.

Grilled the salmon first. Put some sauce. Garnished with onion stalks, I think. Then, we already had this beautiful tasting dish. Chef made it look cooking was just easy as 1, 2, 3.

Don’t belittle these onion and eggplant slices. They were best match to our other teppanyaki choices.

This tonkatsu was already cooked when served. However, I would say I loved the teppanyaki more.

Ebi Tempura. It might be more awesome when we can watch how these prawns were prepared.


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