A Quick Stop In Wildflour In Makati

A continuous effort to improve my skill…on my way to 10,000 hours of photography, to success and to great photography.

February 23, 2017

All photos in this post were taken and edited with my mobile phone. Enjoy!

While some of my friends were busy looking at the menu, I was busy taking photos of these lusciously looking bed of breads, cookies, pastries and other baked goodies. I was overwhelmed with these wide selections. But, I was excited. It will be another opportunity for me to put out my smartphone and continue with my work in progress series.

They say, looks can be deceiving. But, with Wildflour, what you see is what you get. Beautiful looking outside and definitely great tasting inside. Oh, it was such a sweet experience. Forgave me for posting these. I knew this will tap the cravings in you. 

This is a must try, that’s what others recommended. Unfortunately, we never got to try this. But just a look at it, i was already drooling.

This was their special complimentary offer. If you are like my friend who loves to chew the butter, you will surely love this. Once you consumed it, they may give you another serving. Just to add, this was quite tough more than crunchy.

Roast Organic Chicken, Pho 650. “Mashed potato, bacon lardon, organic carrots, sauce coq au vin”. The mashed potato was great. It was a good complement to the savory chicken.

Squid Ink Mafaldine, Php 540. “Prawns, clams, squid, garlic, butter and pistachios”. Not a usual part of my food list, but definitely, this one did not disappoint me. I can’t even tell what I was eating that time because it was so good. It didn’t taste like seafoods at all. That could probably a downside to others but for me, it’s a plus, for this food, particularly.

“Mussels and Fries, Php 480. Garlic, parsley , butter, onions and celery”. Oh, the mussels were so fresh. It was like the sweetest food on our table. We all knew it wasn’t but probably its freshness just added more flavor in it.

Don’t get too intimidated with the name of their foods, their menu can be overwhelming. But, it will not hurt to ask. The same goes with the pastries, seeing all of them in front of you may confuse you and eats up your time by just looking at the menu. If you are a first timer like us, it may be better to talk with the staff. But, just to add, no matter what will you get, surely, you will not be wrong with your choice. You will love every bite of it. Go get it!


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