My Mesa Shots

What I am excited about when we’re out to eat somewhere is that I would have the chance to take photo of the foods. I’d like to remember what we had during our visit so as the next time, I will know if I may or may not come back to the place. Aside from that, I’d like to practice my shooting skill and food served in a good porcelain plates would be one of the best subjects to try it with.

Our last experience was no different. I’d took the photos, made some notes then the next thing will be my blog here. It was actually our first time in Mesa and it didn’t disappoint us. Though, we ordered just as usual, they have a lot on the list. You wouldn’t be lost for choices.

Kare-Kare Beef and Tripe

This is one of the dishes I would never got tired of. Surely, when I see this in the menu, I would try to order and have a taste of it. This Mesa version was nothing but great for me. It’s my favorite, hello? Though, their shrimp paste (what we called as alamang) which is a must have for kare-kare was probably not the best that I’ve had. But, definitely this one is good to try.

Giant Squid Stuffed with Meat and Vegetable

Wow! It was perfect. Fresh. Tender. Stuffings were good. Sauce was tasty. I would love to pack this for my lunch in the office.

Baked Scallops with Garlic Butter

What a big shell of scallop with only a small portion of its meat. But, this was my husband’s preference. It was only once in a while that we ordered as such so I let him had it. Even if I cannot taste the scallop, still, it was so yummy, so garlicky!

I would have ordered for more but we can’t finish them all at once. Anyways these foods can wait. I’ll definitely come back and savage them all.


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