Planetshakers in Manila 2017

I can’t believe this is only my first post of 2017. What have I got into lately? Anyway, I might be busy and will be busier on the next few days, but this post really needs to be up here. It’s the Planetshakers Awakening Conference held on January 13 and 14 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

When I saw a post in Facebook where a discounted rate of Planetshakers concert, well what I thought was, which actually was a conference, I immediately bought two tickets. I took note of the date Jan 13, 2017 and the time 7:30pm, then didn’t do anything after that. Came the concert date, which happened to be Friday payday the 13th, we got stuck into traffic, big time. Luckily, we were only 30 minutes late. But, hey wait, the voucher can’t be used to get inside, we need to redeem the tickets first. This time, I wanted to cry cause when I saw the line to the counter, it will take the whole concert hours to get through. So what now? Our money was just spent for nothing? That’s not fair. I moved out of the long queue and went to the counter to check. Still blessed, I was able to get thru the line. Voila! Tickets redeemed but it was already past 9pm. The concert was until 10pm only. However, the officer gave me 4 tickets covering the 9:30AM, the 3:30PM and the 7:30PM sessions on the 14th. When I asked about them, she told me I can still use my ticket for tomorrow’s session. I assumed we can choose one from any of those sessions. Wow, that was another good news. We decided not to get in that time cause it was almost at the end. We also asked around if what was playing that night will be the same on the next day, they all said yes. So, we went our way, had dinner and went back home. Yey, it might not be a good time that night but the next day might be different. By the way, we decided to go on Saturday’s 7:30PM session.

The next day. My husband get off from his work earlier to get to the venue in time. And we did.

And then, the great news was revealed. Thanks to the lady seating beside me. It was a conference where our purchased ticket was good for the 4-session event. Ahaha. What? Boom! I cannot believe it. I was just in the house for the whole day, waiting, where I could have been at the conference, instead. Well, we just accepted our fate. Anyway, we still had the last session and it was still worth it. Yeah, it could have been better if we have attended all the sessions. But, we cannot thank the Lord more for what He had let us experience, both in our journey and at the conference. Still, all the praises be to Him. A great lesson, indeed. Next time, be sure to know more of the details.

God bless us.

To know about my rantings…
I bought the tickets online. I cannot understand why do we need to exchange the voucher for a hard ticket. Ticketnet clearly advertised to get the tickets online to avoid the line. However, we had experienced otherwise. The line was so long. It wasn’t even organized. No clear instructions on the counter. We didn’t know which line should we be queuing in next. It was really disappointing that night. We were lost. We even paid for the convenience fee but we didn’t get that expense we’ve paid for. Maybe, the next time I will be getting an online ticket, I’ll try to look at options to deliver it or to ensure that printed ticket need not to be exchanged with a hard ticket.


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