Ending the Year 2016 at Solaire Resort and Casino 


Facebook has always been a great source for me discovering a good deal. I just saw Solaire’s promo from one of my friend’s posts. Taking advantage of this rare offer, I thought it will be a good gift for the kids.


Because it was this time of the year when cheers and glees are all around, this tall sparkling Christmas tree parades at the front.


We booked one of the rooms in Bay Tower. They have this couch for you to sit on while waiting for the elevators which actually didn’t take long before it came. That really was a premium service, if I may add, providing comfort to their guests even not so much of a necessity. Then, you can sense luxury even at your feet because of the soft floor carpets.


The Deluxe room. A king-sized bed covered with white linens filled with quality pillows. A plus to my husband who preferred a lot of pillows in his bed. I liked otherwise.


A nice couch at the side to complete your relaxation.


A TV with variety of channels to watch. It can also be a directory of what the resort has in store for their guests. That door opens up to the mini bar and the refrigerator. A nice way to conceal small stuffs.


Who wouldn’t fell in love with a room that has a nice view. A glass wall from the floor to the ceiling opening up to the sight of swimming pools and the stretch of Manila Bay.


A spacious bathroom. The shower is enclosed in a glass wall limiting the water not to splash too much on the floor. Less wet floor means less chores for me, there was no need to wipe the floors all the time.


Always been one of my favorite subjects to photograph with, the toiletries. There was nothing unique with their offers here except that one usual sized soap. I kept it. I’ll have to try it at home. Ahaha.


That sparkling ice bucket was cool, of course. Ahaha.


The robe just fit me. I also like its texture. I also liked their door signs.


An amazing pool experience awaits you in Solaire. The pool is leveled at 4-ft deep. Our kids didn’t know how to swim yet. The good thing was, the resort can provide a life vest for each of the kids. The lifeguard was also doing his job, making sure everyone was safe.


A grand staircase. Would you mind climbing up that stairs? It has so much elegance that you might need to stop in every steps, either way, to feel the moment.


Walking inside Solaire was never a boring experience. Luxury shops, well-decorated walls, great lightings and fixtures, fresh flowers and nicely polished floors, only my husband didn’t appreciate them. Ahaha.


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