Movie Date Vol. 21: Moana

Dec 12, 2016

What’s with these Disney stories that even at my age, I still fell in love with them. I am sure I wasn’t alone with this sentiment.


I wasn’t able to take any photos of the movie so I asked my daughter, Maggie, to draw Moana, instead. She said the one at the side is her crown as the next village chief.

I have two daughters who are avid watchers in Disney channel. They were the ones who introduced me to two of this year’s new princesses, Elena and Moana. Just recently, when they saw the upcoming movie of Moana, there was never a single day they insisted on watching it. Someone must have heard them that one of our churchmates have given us four movie passes. Yey!

It was a movie intended for the kids but definitely, it could be meant more for adults. 

  • A story of giving oneself for the sake of more people. 
  • A story of being able to take action when needed. 
  • You may not always understand the reasons but staying focus and knowing your purpose may get you there.
  • A story of being brave and staying forward even when things get more difficult. 
  • A story of finding who you really are, of knowing where you are and where you’ve been 
  • It is you who made yourself and not the other people. 
  • It was a story of humility. 
  • Above all, it was a story of forgiveness and of love.

I loved this movie. It was too meaningful but never been boring. They delivered it in a fun way. Would really be recommending you to see Moana.


I also got a bonus drawing of Maui. Yes, it is him, ahaha. Let the fish hook do the work.

Special thanks to Ms. Jeru, who shared the blessings to us.


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