Food Stop in Nanbantei of Tokyo


Nanbantei of Tokyo is one of the newest food stops in Alabang Town Center (ATC). We’re thankful, we have ATC in the South as they continue to offer unique experiences to diners like me. This Yakitori place had its big ad posted in the parking area that you wouldn’t fail to notice. As if talking to us,  I asked my husband that we gave it a try. And, we actually, enjoyed it. It’s not your usual food experiences where big bowls and big plates were filling in your tables. Here, you have small platings. And, I also liked that they only have at least two sticks per order. This way, I can try more menus. In case, you’re not yet satisfied, you can always specify to add more. Enjoy!


Sliced vegetables served with miso paste. A complimentary offer to start with.


Miso Shiru, Php 85.00. I still remember I wasn’t a fan of miso soup. I just didn’t like how it tasted. But, today, I always ordered it as part of my meal. And this one, didn’t disappoint me.


Yaki Meshi, Php 120.00. Japanese Fried Rice.


Pork Yakiniku, Php 115.00. This was so tender that you wouldn’t think you’re eating pork. They offered their yakiniku sauce but even without it, it’s really tasty.


Ebi Tempura, Php 385.00. As usual, shrimp cost more.


Kawa, Php 75.00. I loved this grilled chicken skin. Satisfying your little craving with less oil.


Yaki Ika, Php 125.00. Grilled baby squid. This tasted really fresh.


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