Work In Progress No. 6

November 30, 2016

A continuous effort to improve my skill…on my way to 10,000 hours of photography, to success and to great photography.

Suddenly, a gentle breeze….I imagined I was in a middle of a shoot where I have full of cogon grass at the background. I imagined them swinging. I knew it will create beautiful effect in my photos. Light and carefree. However, it was all just a thought.

Until, I found this place, not like the one I was imagining but fair enough for me to capture its unique beauty.

Aside taking photos, learning how to enhance them would be a plus. That’s why part of documenting my work in progress would be improving my skills with photo editing.

The following photos were edited using the VSCO mobile with application of different presets.


Post processed in VSCO, a little tweak in the color.


Preset C3. This one is the nearest color with the original.


Preset SE1. The cogon flowers in semi black and white.


Preset 1. The cogon grass in low contrasting black and white effect.


Preset B3. I love this shot.


Preset 6. I wished I had the extension tube for a macro shot of this tiny flower.


Preset B4. The flowers in black and white effect.

Preset A2. Another shot I love.


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