Chibi’s Kitchen

A Japanese food place within the Evia Lifestyle Center, Chibi’s Kitchen offers a lot of teishokus. In our common tongue, it’s called a meal set. The average cost of the meal set is around Php300.00. It includes one main dish, a bowl of rice, vegetable salad, miso soup and a side dish. Chibi’s good tasting food and great value for money will left you as one satisfied customer, afterwards.


Gyoza. This looked like a little burnt. Maybe, on your visit you can remind them to just fried it well. It came with usual gyoza sauce. Additional mayo cost Php20.00.


Curry Teishoku. I liked their curry as the flavor was just right. Then sided with good tasting miso soup, our dinner was solved.


Katsu Teishoku. They have this special vinaigrette with sesame seeds. It tasted more sweet than sour. I sprinkled a little spicy flavor and it was a perfect dressing to my side salad.


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