Nothing Compares The Manila Hotel 

I was thinking of spending my birthday in a beach but I can’t decide where to go best. Whenever, I would find an interesting one, it was already fully booked. I just ended up disappointed ’cause my idea of a refreshing vacation couldn’t push through.

Until I run through my favorite deal provider. Voila! They had the Manila Hotel offer. I thought for a second :)…. a weekend staycation this could be a better alternative. That was the historic Manila Hotel, hello? I can put away my initial plan, for now.

We kept the trip as a secret. We didn’t tell our kids we were going to a hotel. That’s why when they realized we were in a facade of a hotel, they can’t contain their excitement. The kids hugged each other and their face were all smiles. I was excited, too, actually. I didn’t think I will be stepping my feet in there. I can only hear it in the news. Of course, we couldn’t afford it before. But, by God’s grace, there we were, finally.

After I had my bag inspected, passed through the metal detector and got me frisked, I remembered the first word I said was WOW! It was automatic, as if I didn’t know any word than WOW. I saw beautiful staffs who were dressed in Filipiniana. I saw the reception area, where its architecture was like I was back in the Spanish era. I saw grand brass chandeliers hanging in the lobby. How much would one of them will cost? And what I have always been a fan, the high ceiling.

I loved the ambiance. It was a different feeling inside. I didn’t know. Remembering our stay, there was nothing different in the rooms. Other hotels, were better, actually. We even just got a 2-single beds, but still it was okay for us. We just can’t get ruined by these small details.

There was something in their style that made them different. These wood furnitures might be the factor. I wonder how old these antiques could be?

The room was old yet they keep it in style with our modern time. Making sure that what you might need for an enjoyable stay were provided. A dock for your gadgets. An LED TV in the room and another TV in the bathroom. An ecowash for the toilet.

The drinks were for sale at the minibar. But, the fruits were complimentary. At night time, the hotel also provided us with sweet treats. That was another great service different from other hotels.

Adding to the wow factor were these beautiful designs. One of the designs was from the ceiling on the elevator area. The other one was the design in the alternative way from the pool area going to the rooms. That brass vase was perfect match to the grandiose of the hotel.

These what were the kids were excited about, having to had longer swimming time. We loved their pools, especially the kiddie pool. We can let the kids swim on their own. I was just taking my rounds for some photos, while their Daddy was just on the side watching them.

Greens were everywhere. Flowering plants were a sight to see while having a dip in the pool. Or, when you just need to sit down, you can go to the balcony to get a better Manila Bay view and of the harbor. And oh, it looked here that was a floating bar. Yes, kinda, I think that was one good place when you need to chill.

A vintage hotel matched with mesmerizing view equates Manila Hotel. Nothing compares. This was really a treat for the family. Except, for some mommy concerns. Hopefully, kids will behave more, next time :). But, as long as the kids enjoyed, that was surely an experience worth going through again.


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