Something Happened Vol. 5: Electing The New USA President

Nov 08, 2016 USA Time
Nov 09, 2016 PH Time
Where: United States of America
What: USA National Election Day
Current Philippine President: Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Current USA President: Pres. Barack Hussein Obama II


Photo captured from

The result has been announced and it has shocked most of the world. Capturing the 279 electoral votes over the lesser 228 electoral votes, the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, has gained the seat as America’s 45th President, winning over the Democratic candidate, Ms. Hillary Clinton.

What could this possibly imply to the Philippines? Well, during Mr. Trump’s candidacy, his words were all for the protection of the Americans. He’s pointed out concerns regarding business process outsourcing (BPO) and immigrants. These two issues may concern us, as big percentage of the BPO industries in the country are from the US. It is also not new to us about a number of Filipino immigrants in the said country. Analysts have said Philippines could be better with Clinton as she’ll pursue continuity with current foreign relations. On the other hand, they said that, with Trump, US may only deal with another countries to which they’ll be able to get back. Are we in that position, now? Well, we also have our recently elected President, who has his heart for the Filipinos. It gives us more reasons to be united and work together. That one day, we’ll be able to reach the position where we can also be acknowledged.

God bless us all,


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