New Face of Cotton Candy @Evia

I only knew one shape of cotton candy before, that pinkish, sticky, fluppy, cottony sweets shaped to a ball. That was way back my elementary days. I preferred not to divulge how long ago it has been :). I remembered, I always looked forward to the end of our class because I knew outside our school premises, there will be rows of food carts waiting for us. One of those, was the ever amazing machine to make the cotton candies. I was amazed how it magically popped out strands that will be swirled on a stick, which I didn’t know about that time. I will be, then, a one happy kid with my sweet treat to which my mother would feel otherwise. She wasn’t fond of me buying things outside our school, like most of the typical mother, I guessed.

Moving fast to the present, malls have started to offer the same cotton candy I knew before, just more colorful, at least.

But, recently, we’ve discovered new craze inside the Evia Lifestyle Center. It was certainly inviting ’cause they made their cotton candies more adorable. It was one of a good thinking, molding their cotton candies into one of your favorite cartoon characters or into any shape cuter than what we knew, originally. Surely, that won’t just stole the heart of the kids but also of the young once. The kids were excited to have their first bite but the young once wasn’t after its too sugary taste, but merely to have a cute photo with it.

Won’t you like candies as cute as these? 

Feeling young with these treats,


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