Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

I first heard about Mama Lou’s from a friend. She told me that the store originated from the array of food shops inside their village. Now, they were already expanding to various locations. One of those, was the newly opened store in Evia.

I didn’t miss the chance to try their menu on one of our husband-wife duty dates. Since, we were new to their offerings, we opted to go for the usual. My husband is not usually a experimental type of guy, I can’t dare him to try something different.


Before you can decide what your meal would be, their spreads will open up your taste bud, making you even hungrier.

These were what we had that time:


Spaghetti Seafood Olio. I loved their version of this oil based pasta. They really tasted fresh, both the noodles and the seafoods. I added quite a portion of chili flakes and it tasted even better.


Lasagna. This was for my husband but I also tried it for the sake of my blog. And, it tasted just even better than my seafood pasta. It was so creamy that when I got to taste it, it made me feel lighter. You knew that wow feeling? 🙂


City Sampler. Chicken Fillets. Nachos. Sausages. Calamari. Everything in one plate.


Mama Lou’s Iced Tea. This kinda tasted different but special in its own way. The basil gave an additional twist to your regular iced tea. Now I know why most of the customers have this on their table. Make sure to get it, as well.

Mama Lou’s has still a lot to offer in their menu. I can’t wait to try more. Their foods taste great. No wonder people are lining up. It was good that they shared their foods outside their usual bound. Now, we can enjoy them in places within just reach.
What will I order next? hmmm.


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