Movie Date Vol. 17: Train To Busan

September 09, 2016

This South Korean movie has made its name internationally. It was in so much hype that it broke multiple box office records. Actually, we were convinced to watch it because people everywhere were talking about it. But, why it has turned out like that? Its visual effects were not like the crowd’s favorite, Game of Thrones. Its settings were not like the mastery of The Lord of the Rings. It didn’t have a Star Wars like cinematography. Yet, everything fell into place, that it became world box office hit. Why? How? I couldn’t explain, either. Probably, the movie, Train to Busan, thrilled the movie goers so much that it created so much intensity. It was scary, yet, tolerable to give you a good night sleep. Nerve-racking yet enough to make you feel relieved. Suspensed, yet, emotional. That at the end of the day, a song, simple but heart warming, and us being so emotional will be able to separate and save us from the zombies.


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