How to recover files from Raw File System

I thought, there was no other way…

I inserted the card reader… this had the SD card where I saved my kid’s photos from her recently concluded program in school.

But then, it cannot be recognized. The error?


I thought, a simple chkdsk can solve my problem, but a more complicated error occurred:


Exactly, what did it mean?

Based in Google, RAW drive has not been formatted to any file system. Hence, it can’t be recognized and needs to be formatted. I’ve checked a lot of articles, which of the solutions in the internet would be easier and faster to perform. However, I was wrong to expect that I could resolve it, immediately.

It turned out I need to have a software to do the work. But, the question was, which one could work?

It was a trial and error. It took me several times to install then uninstall, trying each of the applications that may help. (And now my startup include this weird looking chinese applications which I can’t remove. Did I just install a virus application?…huhu. Be cautious of what you got from the net).

After each installation, I immediately run the test, which took time to get completed, by the way. Then, just when I thought I found a solution, it turned out, it was just a bait. ‘Cause, what I didn’t know was these software applications didn’t come free. I can only recover my files if I have the activation code. ( know what to do next, get it, whatever way you can).

Once you have it, open the applications and just follow the instructions to proceed. You can have a good night sleep, afterwards.

By the way, I used the EaseUS data recovery and I’m happy to bring the news that I’ve recovered my files.

Is your file that important to you? May I remind you that even deleted files can be recovered. Make your move, now!

We can recover,


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