Movie Date Vol. 16: Don’t Breathe

September 02, 2016

I was really blank about the ‘Don’t Breathe’ movie. I thought it was a horror movie, by just having a glimpse on its poster, didn’t read anything in it, either. I am not a fan of that kind of movie, by the way. It was at the least of my preferences, if ever. So, imagine me watching it. Tensed. Scared. My heart was beating too fast. I was holding my husband so tight. I can’t feel at ease. I can’t feel relaxed.

I may not be a fan of this kind of movie, but I may say this movie is great. Plain, simple, yet wittily made. I can’t help to make some comments that they should have done this or that, instead. You’ll knew it when you’ve got to see the movie. It’s a strategy, probably, to lure more audiences. The more people talk about how it could turned out differently if they did this or that, the more people they can attract. I suggest, go see this one. I, myself, felt not breathing as well, few times, actually. Lol!

Still tensed,


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