Movie Date Vol. 13: Suicide Squad

Aug 09, 2016

I wasn’t really interested in watching this movie because of, mostly, bad reviews I have read. I was reading them because I didn’t expect watching it. Hehe, do I need to explain here?

Anyways, last week’s was one of the longest travel time I’ve had in Evia. This is an alternative route and I guess, the road with the lightest traffic condition going to our house. Hence, I always preferred to take this route. However, as I’ve said, traffic condition that time was worst, so, instead of stucking us in traffic we decided to watch a movie first.

Actually, as for me, I think it wasn’t that bad. I was just there to watch the movie and not to get impressed. I guess, this kind, like myself, of a movie-goer might have a chance of loving it.

If you were just there to date, well, this could be an option, just don’t put too much expectation in it. It might help not to get disappointed. Just enjoy, the experience.

Unfortunately, this didn’t sell to most. Better luck next time.

Buying some time here,



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