How’s my First Airbnb-ing?

Airbnb is one of the talked about topics nowadays. I wasn’t sure why it was so. That’s why when I had the chance to browse a place for Daddy’s birthday, I immediately thought of Airbnb. From then, I was one of the regular visitors in their site

I must say, finding the best deal could be quite challenging. It is much easier if you use the Search option. It could narrow down your choices.

I immediately inputted Tagaytay in the place I wanted to visit, entered our intended dates of stay and other preferences that could fit our needs. Then voila, I have all the selections to choose from. After that were series of reviews and comparisons.

What I’ve got was one of the studio type room in SMDC’s Wind Residences.The room was practically good for four. I made sure that the available beds will be enough for everyone, including our 2 kids, to give us much sweeter sleep. Soap, shampoos and conditioners were also provided. However, you have to bring your own towels. Kitchen equipments were also available. There was no refrigerator, though. Told you, reading and specifying what you need is important.This was what I lacked in this first try.

Room rate: 1,769.00 x 2 nights
Cleaning fee: 519.00
Service fee: 519.00

I may not be keen checking the details inside the house but this one I assured not to miss. Swimming pool should be at the top of my checklist. A must for our kids. However, with Airbnb, most of the time, you came as a guest. Hence, you need to pay for the amenities. The pool rate at Wind was Php150.00 per person. The use of other sports facilities will also incur hourly rates.

I have to commend our host for allowing us to bring play station and an external hard drive, as we cannot scan a channel (of course, there was no TV antenna in it) nor receive an internet signal while inside the unit. You have to go downstairs, in the club house, to get your mobile data working. The place will be best if you wanted to take a time out and have a moment for yourself.

With Airbnb, you cannot expect a service like in a hotel. You cannot expect for turndown services which I think is a plus if you will be staying for more than a night and especially, if kids joined you in your vacation. Sometimes, you might need to clear up things. You knew how kids can behave. So, if you’re a mother, expect additional chores during your stay. Nothing much of a difference while you are at home, it was just you were in a different venue.

All in all, it was a good experience. The kids really loved it. My choice and my experience didn’t necessarily same and will apply to all. So, what are you waiting for? Go check their site or better install their app for easier browsing. Airbnb offers varied, so make sure that you’ve checked all of the room features to know if it will satisfy your requirements. Don’t get hooked, browsing for a place in Airbnb can be addicting. That could be the reason why people talked about it.

Please don’t tell me, I didn’t warn you.



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