Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar

Among the many reataurants available at Solenad Mall in Nuvali, we decided to dine at the Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar. The kids usually preferred chicken, so to avoid the hassle feeding them, this was our choice.

Nuvali is in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, a few hours drive from Cavite. We took the Daang Hari MCX Road for a faster route. 

Empty colored bottles lined up outside. How do they keep these clean, just a thought?

How did they come up with these names?  Sounds good, right?  

Get drowned with gallons of sauces stored at their store. Lol!

Not yet drooling? Maybe after giving a closer look at this menu.

What else would be best to try other than their charcoaled chicken which came with 4 sides. We are rice loving people, so we chose rice with it.

Rio. One whole Peri-peri chicken with your choice of 4 sides.

I was not sure of the different sauces they’ve offered but as much as possible, I’ve tried the six variants they served us. They were either based in soy, barbecue, garlic and/or mayonnaise. They didn’t have so much of a difference. I think, other than the Cajun, all of them has a chili twist in it.

When I asked the staff which is the best that she can recommend, she pointed at the peachy colored one at the middle, the Cajun Remoulade.

Once you run out of sauce on your table, you can easily access their mobile table which has full of saucers and their wide range of sauces , of course.

Pork Ribs. This one, though, came with fixed sides of coleslaw, corn and carrots and java rice.

Pasta Carbonara.

This could be a good match to your chicken. Next time, I’ll try to have a glass of this.

I wanted to order more, however, aside from budget constraint, we also cannot finish everything. Maybe, on our next visit. Food taste better when it will be served fresh from the stove or grill.



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