It was indeed ‘Another Story’ @Evia


This logo of Another Story gave me an impression that when you entered this restaurant, it will be like a magical place inside. I’m imagining a setting like in Alice in Wonderland or in Willy Wonka’s, as if you’ll be brought in a different dimension. So, I looked forward to the opening with anticipation. That’s one tip when you want to get into a business, make your logo create an impression. It will help you with the advertisement.


This is how it looked outside. As if so many things are going inside.

True enough, when I get inside this place, I got overwhelmed of  how much details I saw in it. I suddenly thought of that if this is the idea of starting up a business, it will take me long to put up my own. Nevertheless, me as a customer loved what I was seeing. Look everywhere and they’ll never fail to impress.

I wondered how much they have invested to acquire beautiful collections such as these.

What’s more interesting was they have collection of various items and not just of a particular set.

A closer look to one of their decors.

More lovely designs outside. What’s with the birds? I found another set inside.

The walls. The chairs. Consistently adhering to their designs.

Not your ordinary glasswares. Is this what they called Moroccan style?

Oh, I thought only a few could make use of this cozy couch, maybe in a cakeshop or in a coffee house, but they have one here, too.

Complimentary bread and spread. I didn’t catch the whole serving, it has only a piece of bread left but still quite full servings of spread which I was not sure what it could possibly be. I forgot to ask but it tasted good.

Rib Eye Steak of Angus served with two sidings of your choice.

“Vongole Manila Clams and Garlic in olive oil simmered in broth and white wine on a bed of  linguine and drizzled with parsley, basil and parmesan cheese.”

Not just the usual salt and pepper sealed in those capped bottles, that no matter how hard you shook it, salt just won’t came out.

Check their menu to know if one of your favorites was in their list.

I’m not usually fan of desserts but I’d love to try one of these, soon. By just looking at them, I can’t decide which one should I choose first.

Coffee facts, I didn’t know coffee has originated in Yemen until I’ve read it here. Make sure to order a cup of brewed coffee to match with your choice of cheesecake.

What was not to love with this lamp? Look at the details on it. Was this hand-made, where each glass piece and beads were carefully laid-out?

Their concept could probably be a mixture of different cultures. How about this one, can this be considered as Indian inspired design?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the famous of them all.”

Now I know why mirrors were everywhere.

Here’s another one.

It turned out Another Story was not just for physical nourishment but also for self-development.


Each one of us has its own story. Ica’s was another story of turning a passion into a business.

Before we come to an end, look down and see what another good story would be worth sharing with.

Don’t forget us when you have your own story to tell. We’d be very happy to read yours.

Writing Another Story,


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