Movie Date Vol. 12: Finding Dory

June 17 2016

“Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.”

These were the lines that struck me the most. That no matter what you’re going through, you just have to move forward and keep trying. Dory was suffering from short-term memory loss, and that was not an easy condition. We didn’t know how hard it is unless we were in that situation. But, I knew it was hard. Just imagining it was really heart breaking. Though this was Dory’s condition, she didn’t give up. She persevered.
Another good thing with Dory was she had good friends that were able to support her. Aside of, course, the support that her family had expressed to her. They knew it may be harder for Dory to find her way back home. Hence, they helped her by making traces that could lead Dory home.
Though, Finding Dory was presented in a more comedic way compared to Finding Nemo, I still preferred the latter over the former. But, that doesn’t mean, I didn’t love Dory, its just Nemo had a special part in me when I was still younger. It’s just irreplaceable.
I also loved the quote from Dory’s Mom.

”..You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

We missed the final credits, though.


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