Movie Date Vol. 11: TMNT Out of the Shadows

Jun 06 2016

It was the first day of school. As we didn’t have so much time going places during the kids’ summer vacation, we tried to make it up to them. After school, we went to watch a movie. I didn’t find anything extra ordinaire in it, except, of course it was a Michael Bay creation.


But, I didn’t care about it now as what’s more important was the kids enjoyed it. They liked the experience in the MX4D theater exactly how they advertised it. Motion. Air blast. Water blast. Scent. Back poker. Fog. Strobes. At first they were nervous about it, but, eventually, they were able to enjoy it.


I may have not really liked the movie but still, it gave us opportunity to bond with them and spent more quality time. And, I was thankful enough for that.

Until our next bonding experience,


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