Movie Date Vol. 10: Warcraft

May 31 2016


May was fully loaded with my husband’s must-watch movies. I can’t help but accept his invitation to go on a movie date with him. Hence, before the month ended, we just had the last on the list. I just knew Warcraft as a famous role-playing video game. I didn’t have any idea what the story was all about. But, when the movie was finished, I realized I was wrong to see it as a shallow rooted story. I was amazed how it has a strong story to start with. I just can’t differentiate it with the actual video games. Others have reacted that the movie didn’t give much justice to the game. But, I cannot say it for myself, I was just invited here.


If I have to give my rating, I can rate it at 3.5, where 5 is the highest. I gave credit to the story where orcs knew how to fight for what they believe in. Even if their leader, who has personal caused, was not on their side, they have fought against it. With Durotan, the chieftain, leading them, they still chose to consider what could be best for them.



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