A Look Inside Evia Lifestyle Center

Before, there was only Mc Donald’s as its main attraction. Then there was the  Starbucks and the Shakey’s pizza store. There was also the branch of BDO bank, I shouldn’t forget? I think, there  was also the Rustan’s supermarket and the Ace Hardware. They were among the first. This was the perfect example of a time lapse. They built so fast, I can’t even remember how it has been originally.



Drive-thru at Starbucks

What I liked about Evia was its architecture. It was not like the usual box type mall. It’s as if you were just in the vicinity of your home. Greens. Refreshing. Relaxing. I liked how it was before where not so many people were visiting yet. Parking spaces were at your left and right.
However, when it started to develop, things also started to get busy. Cars are now filling up the parking spaces. It’s starting to get crowded. Don’t get me wrong. I am loving the change. Especially, now that stores are slowly sprouting in. They are not much but enough for me to walk around.


Who says we cannot have this Macau's Venetian-like ceiling here in the Philippines.


View from the top.

Food choices are now getting wider. I haven’t tried, yet, to eat in most of the incoming stores. This makes me more excited and look forward on their opening day.


Food choices are another story.

If you haven’t visit Evia yet, you may schedule your next movie date in one of their theaters. It has the first and only MX4D Motion EFX theater in the country. Not only that, Evia cinemas provide quality sound using the Dolby ATMOS technology. They were also equipped with luxury seats, where, except in the MX4D cinema, arm rest between seats can be raised. Thus, gives you a chance to get closer with your date. Ahaha.


On our way to the cinemas.


Feel it. Be in the movie with this MX4D designed seats.


Get closer with these lovers favored seats.

More stores were lined up. I can already see their signages. I won’t be surprised if Evia will be the next big thing here in the South.


Soon. Cotton On. Mango. What else? I thought there was more. Lol!

Change is definitely on its way. Though, I may miss how I could relax, those times where we just sit down, grabbed a cup of coffee then stop and stared at nothing, to at least, have a break. I may miss all of them but I am more excited of what’s coming. We have to embrace change. Accept it and learn to adapt in it. The same goes with life. Move and learn!


Evia at night.


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