Movie Date Vol. 9: X-Men Apocalypse

May 26 2016

I caught myself clapping after the movie was finished. I’m not sure how the fans saw it, but as for me, it’s one of the greatest X-Men movies. It was just from a regular movie-goer’s point of view, though. I loved how crazy these X-Men were. Crazy powerful, indeed. It has interested me to learn each of their abilities, what one can do to complement one another. It wasn’t boring at all.
If I have to say one thing it lacked, I was looking for more powerful Apocalypse. More dangerous and a harder to beat Apocalypse. Or was it because he has been weakened by time? Nevertheless, it was still a powerful Apocalypse. He just didn’t show-off. I guess, he was still not dead after their fight. Right? So, maybe on the succeeding movies, he’ll be able to show more of himself.
What will I look forward to, next? Definitely, I will be looking forward to Quicksilver’s suave moves. His part has became one of my favorite scenes, where while he was busy doing his job, a great sound track was playing in the bakground. Before, it was the classic ‘Time In A Bottle’, now, it was ‘These Dreams (Are Made of This). I liked his timing and his execution. Sadly, his timing wasn’t quick enough to save Havok.

Ow, wait! Are you reading my mind now?
Well, this is my message.

“Forget everything you think you know — you’re not students anymore! You’re X-Men!”


This is Evia's Cinema 4.



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