Merlion’s Cuisine: A Truly Singapore Restaurant

Another restaurant has been added to the list of food choices at Evia Lifestyle Center. I was excited when I saw it being installed in one of its unit. This was my first time to see this Singaporean food place. At last, new variants for my taste buds.
It was the Merlion’s Cuisine, a truly Singapore restaurant, as it is tagged.


When I saw it was having a soft launch, I recommended that we try it.


Before we had our main dish, condiments were served first. This Asian inspired cuisines were not our usual trip. While waiting, I was like a child who was so nervous to take my first step. Lol! I was slowly dipping my fork to try the sauces. I tried the orangy thing first. Then, the yellowish thing. Finally, the black saucy one. How did it go? Well, honestly speaking, they really tasted good. Yes! We even asked for refills.



My husband ordered for the 3-meat combination, roast pork, honey glazed barbecued pork rib and soya sauce chicken. It was great. Especially, the roasted pork, I super loved it. It was really tender and had really crunchy skin.



We also ordered something we were unfamiliar of. When I asked the crew what’s everyone’s favorite in the menu, she recommended Bak Kut Teh. She said, so we could have soup.
When I have my first sip of it, I didn’t like it, honestly. But, in fairness, the meat was good. I cannot taste the herb which I didn’t like in the soup. We just finished the meat then and left the soup.


As per the English translation, Bak Kuh Teh means Pork Ribs Tea. Probably, same thing with tea, they say you have to acquire its taste before you started liking it. Maybe, the crew was right but I have to keep on ordering it to finally get used of its taste. But, I will have to think twice before I ordered it again.
Will I go back? Definitely, I can’t wait. I still have a lot of variants to try. Beef curry was also a recommendation, as well as their Laksa. Sounds hot? Yeah! I think they are.

Till our next dining experience,


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