Tagaytay City: Tower Ground Bulalohan

It was a holiday. Filipinos were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. We took this chance to bond with the kids in Tagaytay City’s Sky Fun. I might say, they are one blessed city. While Metro Manila is already experiencing the glimpse of Summer, there in their city, it was as cold as ice. Whew! That was one cold night. Before we headed to our actual destination, we stopped by this place. ‘Cause, what’s perfect for a cold weather than a hot Bulalo soup. It’s a Filipino food where beef marrow or beef shank is the main ingredient, in case you’re new to it. 😉


Tagaytay has a lot of Bulalo places to choose from. But, once we tried the Special Bulalo from Tower Ground, we didn’t try any other places than here. We personally love their Bulalo because it tasted like real beef and not just poured in with artificial flavor.


Their place may not seem appealing but they can offer you good food and good views plus the Tagaytay feeling.





We’re not that health conscious, though, basing from the food we ordered. Once in a while, we allow ourselves to eat food like these.



How about you? What bulalo place do you preferred?



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