Photo Gallery: Water Camp Resort

February is such a special month for us. It really applied to us, it being the love month. Not just because everyone was celebrating Valentine’s day on the 14th but also because our dear Meg was born on the 18th, at the same time, it was also our anniversary date, back when my husband and I were still boyfriend and girlfriend.
She just turned 6. Wow! Things flashed back suddenly. I was just holding her in my arms. A baby. As innocent as she was. But now, what? As early as this age, she knew what she wanted for her birthday. How we had celebrated, it all depended on her. She told me that it could be just a simple celebration. However, she’ll expect it to be more grand on her 7th birthday, citing all her supppsed to be guests. “We didn’t need to celebrate in school, just a simple party in the house is ok. Anyways, it will just be my 6th birthday. We can celebrate on my 7th birthday, instead. I can invite my classmates, then.” Those were her words. Who was I not to listen, as if she was the mother. Hehe.
Swimming was one of the things she’ll definitely like. So, as a pre-birthday gift we decided to spend it at The Water Camp resort. My fragile memory needs to have a back-up, so I’m writing this entry here, besides, it gave me the chance to grab my phone and practice shooting. How our daughter loved this experience will be logged in a different way. One thing I was sure, though, that Feb 13, 2016 was one of the best days she’s going to remember. For the mean time, you have to bear with me for the flood of pictures below.
Happy viewing.



Water Camp
Panamitan, Kawit, Cavite Philippines
Tel: (+6346) 484-5703


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