A Walk Of Inspiration

I saw this exhibit of Ms. Xyza Bacani at The Ayala Triangle Gardens featuring ‘The Humans of Makati’.


The artist behind this exhibit, Ms. Xyza C. Bacani

I wanted to log this, as for me this was just spelled as another
I N S P I R A T I O N.
Either learn from her work as the photographer or learn from the experiences and the views of the following Humans of Makati:


Their Faces.


I wanted to take a photo of this shed at the Philippine Stock Exhange Plaza in Makati City but I didn't have the courage. I always thouht somebody will apprehend me. Ahaha. But, this time, though with the featured exhibit, I finally got a shot of it.


Mr. Nix Nolledo, X's CEO. "I wake up in the morning with the challenge of building something that could outlive me."


Atty. Angelo Raymundo Valencia, Lawyer. "..Recognition of the wound starts the healing."


Vince Golangco, Blogger. "I have always wanted to be different."


Eunice Sanches, Student. "..I want to teach them."


Miko Aspiras, Chef. "..I am going to make it happen."


Different faces. Different stories.


No matter how life got twisted, never stop believing.


Your place to stop and think. Not the best place to recommend but if you're always at work, here in Makati, Ayala Triangle Gradens will have a spot for you, especially in the morning.

Walking with you,


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