How To Start Investing In Stock Market

I am not an expert here but something in me was saying to at least share. Small seed might create a bigger difference to those burning with curiosity.
And so, this one goes…


Have you ever wonder how you could invest in the Stock Market? 3 years ago I also had no idea. Blank. Lost. Even if I checked in the net, it didnt help ’cause I didn’t know where to start from. Until we heard it at The Feast. That’s when I started digging and realized it wasn’t difficult at all.

To get started, you’ll need to:

1. Choose your online broker. COL Financial is what I am most familiar of, so that will be our broker for now. COL will be your bridge to be able to buy or sell the stock of your choice.
2. Visit the COL Financial site here . As a beginner I was tempted to try the 7-day trial period but I opted to open a starter account immediately. That’s what I will recommend, too, so that you can pressure yourself to invest.
3. You can open a COL starter account initially for Php5,000. Eventually, once your account equity value reached Php25,000, your account will be prompted for an upgrade to COL Plus. Features offered for starter account are already ok, so, I guess, this option can already suit your needs. There are also lot of subscriptions being offered but you could first try the guides from COL, if you weren’t satisfied and you’re already used to stock investing, you can check more resources in the net.
4. Download and fill-out all the forms and prepare the requirements according to your preferred account. Make sure all the details are correct and complete to avoid delays in processing.
5. You may contact COL to discuss how you can send your applications. They have option to pick-up the documents from your office. You can also visit them in their Makati office at Citibank Tower, to personally deliver your inquiries.
6. Once submitted, wait for feedback thru your email. If there were no issues, your online acccount number will be provided.
7. Follow the instructions in the email to fund your account. Send the details back to COL once the account is funded.
8. If the payment has been successfully credited, your initial password will be sent thru email. Check your account to start investing. Don’t forget to read the FAQs. It really helped.

Broker. Check.
Account. Check.
Funds. Check.

Next step? Pick your stocks. But, what stocks? COL has a lot of references to guide you. But, as for me, you may first select from the 30 PSE index where few of the giant companies in the country are listed. When you already have more information, wide variety of stocks are available for you. Just make sure to do your research before investing.
You already have the idea, go grab your pen and papers and start gathering your requirements.
Happy investing.



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