The Starbucks Planner Tradition

It’s the time of the year when people collects the precious 18 Starbucks stickers to avail their 2015 planner. Like others who have redeemed it , used it within the first 2 months then set it aside after the first quarter of the year, haha, (exag), I was also guilty of this.
Why do I still avail if I can’t fully used it in a year?


My first planner. Got this from Padre Faura branch where my previous office was located.

Number 1, I usually drink coffee. It’s a must to start my day, especially if I’m in the office. However, every once in a while, I have to treat myself to a better coffee experience. If that need arises, Starbucks may be my preference.
Number 2, if at the end of the day I need to sit down, to reflect or to slow down, Starbucks will be one of my choices.


This was probably the most used because it was the year when I gave birth to Maggie. I used to take down notes related to parenting.

Number 3, was I stressed? Yeah, sometimes and a taste of Frappucino could be a good reliever. Trust me, it really worked.
Number 4, if I need a moment to write and complete my blog entry, Starbucks is one of my target places.


One of the 2011 designs.

Number 5, if at times that I needed to share or discuss something with my husband, without the the kids buzzing around, coffee is definitely one of our bonding moments.
Number 6, if at times that we want to go out along with the kids with less stress, you know how kids behave especially while inside the mall, we can just sit down in Starbucks and offer them their favorite drinks. You can talk more with the kids with this kind of date.


The 2013. I was not sure why I didn't get one of the 2012 series.

Number 7, if family or friends needed to have a never ending chit chat, Starbucks can be a better choice. A group of 4,  can talk for hours over a single Venti cup of coffee.
Number 8, if either of my husband or I needed to wait, Starbucks will be our meeting place, where we can sit comfortably, where we don’t need to worry when mall hours were already up, where waiting may not seem forever and where waiting could not be boring at all.


Year 2014.

Number 9, if I have someone to meet up and discuss important matters, this place will be definitely one of the recommendations.


The current year 2015 planner.

These and so many reasons.
Then, if that 18 stickers could mean more than just coffee, would you still not have it? It was quite expensive, yeah. But I guess, you’re more than willing to spend more than this number, knowing you would be getting more than just the taste and the aroma but more of the moments and the experiences.


Just recently got the planner for 2016. It was still wrapped but I should start taking down notes sooner than later.

So, why will I avail it, actually? Let’s just say, it’s a treat for myself.

Enjoying a cup of coffee,


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