Movie Date Vol. 6: Star Wars The Force Awakens

image image

Many fans have missed this series. I can’t imagine how they were so thrilled when the news of making another sequel came out. Maybe, they were not excited, they were ecstatic!
And so, it came.
On Dexember 19, we were scheduled to go for a block screening in Cinema 2 of Newport Mall in the Resorts World Manila. I got the ticket thru the PMCM Events Management. It was my first time to try this kind of reservation. I just deposited the Php1600 worth of four tickets to their bank account. I was worried, cause I only have the email as my proof of my transaction. There was no voucher nor any tickets to present in the venue. Adding to my worries was the bad weather that day.
Despite the heavy rain, as in cats and dogs, the family still pushed. It is Daddy’s favorite, we must go, no matter what. It was also our first time in the Resorts World, we’re not familiar with the parking area and even the cinema area itself. Imagine us walking, soaking wet finding our way to the mall. But to make the story short, we were able to find it. And the good news, the transaction was real. We have the reservations and we got the best seat possible. We even won their chocolate freebies. However, during the movie screening, kids must be kept silent. They must be seated properly. They must be in proper behavior as the ones seating in front of us kept telling us to be quiet. Yeah, we understood, they were fanatics but also, please understand, they’re kids, they’re kinda hard to control. Sorry for that, we tried as hard as we do but we didn’t want to ruin your Star Wars experience, as well.
Overall, it was a great movie. And like the other fans, my husband clapped at the end of the movie. When asked why, it was simply because he missed it and he loved it.

May the force be with you.



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