Movie Date Vol. 4: The Good Dinosaur

Nov 28 2015


If you were going to ask Maggie, my 5-year old daughter, what did she learn in the movie, she didn’t have other response but to “Face Your Fear”.
The Good Dinosaur is a story of Arlo, who was born the smallest compared to his other two siblings Buck and Libby. Growing up, he has been so timid and quite fearful of everything. His father, Poppa, was patiently teaching him so that he can let out the potential in him. Even before his father’s tragic death, his dad never gave up on him. He still believed that Arlo has something in him.
Until life led him to a situation where he needed to stand on his own. He fell in a river while chasing the caveboy who’s eating their food for the winter and got lost, far away from home.
No matter how hard finding home was, Arlo was blessed to meet a boy named Spot. Spot has been his companion through out his journey and eventually became his friend.
Thru their experiences, Arlo has started gaining his confidence and learned to finally overcame his fear.


Well, I think it’s a good movie to teach lessons of encouragement, on how you can support your kids while they experience and discover world by themselves.

Some of the lines I’ve noted were:
Sometimes, you have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.
As long as you can find the river, you can find your way home.
I know you had it in you. You are me and more.
The storm provides.

May you be encouraged, as well.


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