Something Happened Vol. 1

When: Nov 16 – 20, 2015
Where: Makati, Manila
What: APEC 2015
Current Philippine President: Pres. Benigno Aquino III


I am living in Cavite, around half an hour travel to/from Manila, where the event mainly took place. However, I am working in Makati, where most of the leaders were residing. And everyday, I am commuting from home to the office and vice versa.

The first two days of the APEC week were not declared as non-working day so, I don’t have a choice but to report to work:

Nov 16
Commuting to Makati was ok via the Skyway. However, if you travel via the Coastal road, that was a nightmare, as many have said and experienced.

But, early Monday morning, while walking to the office, we were greeted by squadron of armies and police, added the parade of ambulance and fire trucks in Ayala Triangle. Woah! Security was tight that morning.

Late that night was the sad part. Commuting back to Alabang, where I will be fetched by my husband, was not the usual 30-minute travel. I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours and  a half. But still, I must be thankful, for this was better compared with other’s experiences. Others need to walk, to run, or to wait for hours to get a ride. So sad, the authorities didn’t have a smoother plan for this.

Nov 17

I needed to report to work, again. There was a long queue in the terminal going to Makati. Good thing, I was able to ride with a car pool service.  Morning traffic situation was still better.

When Commuting back to Alabang, the Skyway was closed. We took the SLEX, instead. There, traffic situation from Sucat all the way to Alabang, bad. C5 traffic situation, worse.

Peak Days: Nov 18 – Nov 19

Nov 18, I needed to report to work, again. But, I requested to render it on the 20th, instead. The situation may be worse.

Nov 19, only stayed at home.

Nov 20, back to work again and back to the normal commuting routines.

I may be ranting because of the traffic caused by the APECPH2015. I was just human. But still, I do understand that this means BIG for the country, for the future, for our kids. Now, God bless the Philippines.

Just ranting,


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