Happy Birthday To Me!

My 35th year was a year of discovery for me.  It was a trying period. It was a test of character. However, these tests lead to more life discoveries.
I discovered that however difficult the situations, God will not let things go out of control. He will work His ways and you will have nothing but be awed on how things were different now than before.
I discovered that learnings don’t stop by what you’ve learned in school.
I discovered that it doesn’t have to be always yes. There are times that no is a must.
I discovered that relationships need to be build. Sharing is important. Empathy is a plus.
I discovered that friends need not to be complicated.
I discovered that I can do more than a wife and a career woman.
I discovered that I can serve outside the house and the office.
Ups. Downs. Steady. Circling. Rolling. It was a wonderful feeling.
Thank you so much for those who have journeyed with me.


Happy birthday to me.

Life continues. I’m sure, next year will be another exciting year.

God bless us.


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