Why Do I Have To Give Up My Canon SX50HS?

I love this camera, no doubt about it. In fact, this is a heart breaking decision for me. It was one of hubby’s gift to me.


It was mid 2013 when it landed my hand but it was almost the same year when smart phones continuously launching and improving. It seemed that my phone can do the work for me instead of this digital camera. So, I rarely used it. You can count the number of times when it will be brought in family gatherings and took part in the celebrations.

Fast forward this 2015, it was a different situation. My phone which caused me to leave this digital camera was the same reason how I’ve gotten back to my Canon SX50HS. With the help of different mobile photo applications, I can turned dull pictures into something better, making it more scenic and more expressive. That has given me the impression that I can take good pictures. That was just my assumption, though.

August 2015, with no experience, no exposures, only armed with my Canon SX50HS, include my passion too, I joined the Media Ministry in our Church. It started with a basic photography lesson to a back-up photographer to the main man. Week after week, after weeks, it made me more involved. It made me used my Canon SX50HS more frequently.


This unit was great. Capture your best moment while partying and it won’t disappoint you, though, use of flash is recommended. Zoomed up to the farthest thing around your surroundings and it won’t fail you. Take a snap of your kids performing on stage, a snap of your crush from afar, a growling tiger or a hungry crocodile. All these possible, because you have a camera with one great zoom functionality. I loved it. I really do, that is one function I’d love to have in my camera. But, why I’m giving up on it?


Sample photos can be found in my FB page, Happenings at The Feast Imus, since I re-used the Canon SX50HS

Some old pictures taken using the Canon SX50HS.


This bird was way up there when I took this shot.


I loved how I can zoomed in to this croc's face.

Related: Why I Switched to Sony A6000

If you have read my article, I got the Sony SEL35F18 because of my difficulty shooting in low light condition. However, I missed how I was shooting with my Canon SX50HS. I missed having to shoot up close even if I was not moving from my seat. I missed how I can focus on the small details even if I was meters away. I could probably stick with my Canon SX50HS but I will have to sacrifice the low light functionality, again, which I can’t. So, even if it will mean separation, I have to let go of my Canon SX50HS and decided to put another item in my wish list and that is to purchase a Sony SEL55210.

A wish which may only be achieved if I got a cash to dispense.



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